Elokobi to play in the World Cup

The Wolves left back George Elokobi may very well be our second player two play the World Cup finals in South Africa this summer (Nenad Milijas being the first). The Cameroon team leaders has been brought to attention that his parents are from the African country like several other players in the Premier League, writes Skysports.

George himself is delighted of the attention

I received a call from Rigobert Song about possibly playing for Cameroon. He asked me about my situation with the national team and whether I would like to play for Cameroon. I would love to play for Cameroon and I was flattered Rigobert went out of his way to call me.”

I am coming back from injury so I am unlikely to go to the African Cup of Nations, but hopefully I can go to the World Cup.”

Song believes Elokobi will be the next Premier League player to join the Cameroon national team.

We have some good players playing in England and we believe we have just found another in George Elokobi. We have heard some good reports on him and I have spoken to him to find out about his situation. Hopefully he can play for Cameroon and make us even stronger as a team.

Very nice for George Elokobi. And for Wolves as well, of course. The invaluable experience it means to compete on that level will come in handy for the Wolves team.


~ by paddytheflea on December 3, 2009.

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