Latest transfer rumour: Beckford to Wolves for Vokes and cash

The Sun writes today that Wolves are going for Jermaine Beckford in the January transfer window and that we are offering Leeds our striker Sam Vokes and a lot of cash in return. Beckford has scored 67 goals for Leeds in 118 matches in League One.

There are some papers that are really full of gossip and untrue stories day by day. They live on it. Thrive on it. One of the biggest is The Sun. But that will of course not happen. Let me tell you how these rumours typically emerge.

A lowlife young journalist sits by his desk searching through the internet after news about Wolves to write something. He has to write a juicy article that catches the editors eyes. Otherwise it will not get in the paper and he will not get paid and earn his living.

He sees an article about Vokes being loaned out to Leeds (maybe on Paddytheflea’s Blog) and knows that Wolves are struggling in the Premiership and that Beckford has been a target for many clubs before. In his mind a story is forming that he believes is interesting and believable enough to get through to be published.

No sources are of course needed. All that matters is to get it in so that the rag can sell more and catch more money on ads. He writes it, it gets published. End of story.

The problems for me and others are that some of these stories about transfers actually are true. Not many, but some. Which should I publish? All, some, none? I chose to publish the ones who are interesting to a Wolves audience. But under the warning that many of them could be totally without substance and utter rubbish. I think this one is one of those. You are hereby warned.



~ by paddytheflea on December 3, 2009.

21 Responses to “Latest transfer rumour: Beckford to Wolves for Vokes and cash”

  1. Good Summary Paddy.

    Personally, I think Vokes is a far better player than beckford – he scores goals but he’s lazy, selfish and has a bad attitude. Vokes links play brilliantly, holds the ball up, is great in the air, as well as scoring a good number of goals for a second striker. We’d be crazy to do a swap.

    • I agree, Premier Quality. Or if he is not yet a better player, I think he will be in the future. The reports from Leeds are full of missed chances, but playing in a way that give you the chances is nine tenths of the tasks for a striker and he seem to get that right. And we know from his playing in Wolves last season that he can score on his chances. Actually he had the best scoring rate of all if we count the minutes per goal last season. So I think he well be a great striker any day. Hopefully when he gets back to Wolves in a month.

  2. When you signed Vokes I was gutted. Really fancied him for Leeds but seeing him now, he doesn’t seem to have progressed since he was last in the 1st Divi. He does everything you want from a striker but put it in the net. We already have plenty of those!!! So even if the rumour has substance I suspect Leeds might be getting cold feet. Now a swap for a good goalie might be tempting…… Hope you stay up. Always had a soft spot for Wolves and was behind the goal when Dougan single handedly stopped Leeds doing the double. My feet didn’t touch the floor for 90mins. Those were the days…

    • Thank you, Ed. I think our idea of Vokes after last season was that he can put balls in the net but has to work on everything else in his game. Funny, isn’t it. But his movement is good and his touch to the ball and we know he can score. I think it’s simple a case of ‘strikers block’. Hope you will make a swift return to hte Championships and the Premier, Ed. You belong there for sure.



  4. Hi
    Having watched Vokes play at Leeds (were he doesnt score goals) I agree that he is lazy, selfish and has a bad attitude (I thought he just didnt want to be on loan at Leeds) also his link up play and ball holding up are great for a second striker. But as for the “we’d be crazy to do a swap” you got to be joking. Now that Luciano Becchio is back (a much better second striker IMHO) he will be lucky to get a start and should be headding back as soon as the loan period is finnished

  5. Hi Paddy, although I agree with you that this is in all probability some hack fishing, I also have to wonder if it is true how much we really believe we can stay in this division. JB in my opinion wouldnt score enough goals to keep us up, and is not the position we need to strengthen anyway. What we need is a stronger midfield, that protects the defence and provides a platform for the attackers to play from..

  6. Your on drugs i am afraid if you think Vokes is better. He’s had so many easy chances to put the ball in the net at Leeds. Beckford is 10 times a better striker because he scores goals, that is what they get paid for!!! Vokes holding up play is not as good as our second striker Luciano Becchio so now Becchio is back you can have Vokes…Marching on back to the championship where you will be next season! Beckford will sign a new contract then we will see who the best STRIKER is!!

    • Well, sometimes I wish I were on drugs, Paul Jones. Haven’t seen much of your Beckford, but if you stick with him we re happy to stick with Vokes. He has a very good pattern of movement and the scoring thing will come. As it did last season.

  7. Christ, some Leeds fans really live on cloud cuckoo land when it comes to rating Beckford. And I speak as one.

    Beckford is fine. Decent enough player but certainly wouldn’t keep Wolves in the Premiership. And we really should give Vokes more time. I’d be happy to extend the loan until the end of the season. He may not score the goals that Beckford scores but he’s still a decent player and good competition for both our front two.

    And why would someone come on a Wolves blog and start mouthing off about them playing us in the Championship next season is beyond me. Let’s hope we’re playing you boys in the Premiership in a couple of seasons, eh?

    • If Beckford were the finished product he would already play in the Premiership as would Sam Vokes of course. I think both of them will play in the PL one day. Maybe next season or the season after that. And I really hope that next time we will meet Leeds it will be in the Premier League.

  8. Paddythflea,

    Just a few thoughts on Vokes. He hasn’t really lived up to the expectation. He tore us apart at elland rd when Bournemouth came to town a couple of season’s ago and we all thought it was a real coup getting him on loan. But the harsh truth is whilst his holdup play is good and his linkup play decent, he isn’t any better than our own burly target man, Becchio, in fact I’d go as far as to say Becchio’s the better player in that role. Other than his tap in at Milwall, Vokes has had 8 or 9 wonderful goalscoring opportunities and has botched them all. There’s a lot of frustration in the lad which is odd considering he’s started every match since he arrived. He’s shown glimpses of quality but nothing special and noone at Elland Rd will be particularly gutted to see him go back. He’s done a job for the team in Becchio’s absense but I doubt we’ll be pursing any interest in him. We’ll keep Beckford, ta, you keep Vokes.

    • I think he wants to score to much so he develop a tension and gets it all wrong. When he lets go and relaxes he will score. But i really want him back and have no complains. Good luck for the season!

  9. Im pretty sure leeds will end up with becks and vokes for next season.. and why would he want to go to a club we will be above this time next year!!

  10. Vokes is about 3 times the player Beckford is, and he’s going to get better. I don’t really want Beckford to be honest, he’s no better than Doyle or Ebanks-Blake. Vokes is a goalscorer, and his hold up play is better than Maierhofer or Iwelumos.

    Grayson is doing a great job by the way, I expect you to win be in the prem by the end of next season (serious)

    • Hi, Louie. I just posted a new article about Vokes. Found an interview from today in Yorkshire Evening Post with Grayson about Vokes. Check it out!

  11. I reckon Vokes is a good player that needs playimg into some form. You can see his 1st touch is very good as is his link up play. Personally I hope we keep him until the end of the season.


  12. To be honest Leeds won’t sell Beckford unless silly money is offered Sam Vokes is not a replacement for Jermaine Beckford. They are totaly different players and I would like to think there is no truth to this rumour. Now, I have said this, it’ll be the first deal to go through on Jan 1st I dare day 🙂

  13. jermaine is playing for a massive club the best club the history we are on our way back to the top be part of it jermaine score the goals that take us all to the promise land

    • Beware, liquorice! I think you have a disease called ‘the Messiah syndrome’. You ought to see a doctor immediately!

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