Leeds manager Grayson about Vokes: He’s being unfortunate at the moment

Manager Greyson of Leeds today gave a press conference where he addressed a question about Sam Vokes and the fact that he haven’t scored more than one goal in his seven matches for the Yorkshire team.

He’s being unfortunate at the moment. Every time he gets through on goal, the ball seems to be bouncing up and around his hips and chest instead of falling for him. But he works very hard for the team and he’s done a good job for us. I’ve no doubt that once he gets another goal, they’ll start flying in for him.

It seems that the manager of Leeds still has confidence in Sam Vokes – unlike some of the Leeds fans that has posted to Paddytheflea recently.


~ by paddytheflea on December 3, 2009.

4 Responses to “Leeds manager Grayson about Vokes: He’s being unfortunate at the moment”

  1. Grayson is very loyal to his players and never criticises individual players in public. Vokes is trying very hard and no matter what Larry says he has been lacking in quality in front of goal. He needs to start hitting the target soon and missed two easy one on ones on Tuesday and a chance a couple of yards out in front of goal. He may get another couple of games at thye most before he reverts to the bench.

  2. I think ha just feels a bit of tension and has been unlucky. He will come around for sure. He IS a goalscorer.

  3. I hope he does come good as he is trying very hard and hes still very young. Time will tell as they say and the local derby on saturday against Huddersfield will test his mettle

  4. I might of been a bit harsh yesterday as i just don’t see him as an out and out striker who will get 20 + goals. I do think we will have him until end of season however and would be happy with 10 goals..Think it is a hope though to be honest. I reckon Becchio will replace him tomorrow but he could be a good sub if needed. As he blown hot and cold for you guys? Again sorry about yesterday and all best for season!!!

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