Berra: We have to start against Bolton as we finished against B’ham

Christophe Berra came from Hearts last January and it took him some time to convince McCarthy and others that he should be a part of the starting eleven. But now he has been playing from start in the last ten matches and he has been doing recently well.

We have to dust ourselves down from last weekend and move on. We know it was a poor performance in the first half but we improved a lot in the second half and have to start against Bolton as we finished against Birmingham. We have to start the game properly and in the right manner.

Winning breeds confidence and getting the result against Bolton would make a big difference to us. First and foremost you want to win. It’s nice to put in a good performance but more than anything you need to get the three points. If it’s a scrappy game and a rubbish game we’ll take it if it means we get the win. There are a lot of teams reasonably close in at the bottom of the table and there’s still a long way to go. We’ve got to pick up as many points as we can and hopefully we can start doing that against Bolton.

About the pressure that rests on the team at the moment

No matter what team you are in there’s always pressure and infact you always put pressure on yourself as a professional and take pride in your own performance. There’s pressure on every game but the pressure down the bottom is obviously not as nice as the pressure at the top. We handled it all last season when we were put under pressure at one stage and hopefully we can do the same again this time. If we just keep on doing the right things and working hard we will pull through.


~ by paddytheflea on December 4, 2009.

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