Pre-match analysis: Wolves v Bolton

So what can we expect of the match between Wolves and Bolton? How will the teams play? Which key players will there be? And – who will win (or will it end a draw)? Paddytheflea’s going to try to answer these questions for you.

I have already told you what elevens that will walk on to the pitch tomorrow and in what formation the will play (you can see that HERE).
The strength of the ‘engine-room’ is usually crucial for the outcome of matches, and both teams have weak inner midfields. That is one of the main reasons that both teams are stuck in the lower parts of the tables.

If my suggestion is right Wolves are playing a defensive inner mid with Henry and Castillo while Bolton play Tamir Cohen as an attacking midfielder and McCann as the defensive one. That could mean that Wolves will have a stronger inner midfield in the defensive actions and Bolton in going forward.

But I doubt that this match will be decided by the inner midfield. Both teams have a strong and a weak wing. and the strong wings will meet as the weak will. Wolves strong wing is the left with Jarvis and Ward. For Bolton it’s their right with Gardner and Steinsson. I believe it is here that the match will be decided. Who will be the stronger?

Let us look at Steinsson v Ward firstly. Both play a modern back play. They move along the whole wing from corner flag to corner flag. Both are involved in play a lot and likes to attack, but they are not very good passers. Ward is a better tackler than Steinsson. That’s a little plus for Ward (I’ve got this information from stats).

Gardner and Jarvis, then? How do they compare? Both are very good passers and are involved a lot in play. They are both good tacklers as well. Jarvis is a little better at shooting, but the real difference between them is the creating of attacks. Jarvis is outstanding when it comes to that. He has created 32 attacks in his 12 appearances while Gardner only have created 5 attacks in his 9 appearances. A big plus for Jarvis.

So with ‘normal’ play Wolves left side is better than the Bolton right side. And if I’m right in that this is where the match will be decided, Wolves has an advantage.

What about the forwards and the backline, then, says the man of order? Well, if we compare Craddock with Cahill the latter is the better passer, but Craddock is a better tackler. Craddock has scored three against Cahills two, so I’ll guess its a little plus to Craddock and Wolves.

If we compare Klasnic to Doyle they are equally good at making correct passes and at shooting on target, but Doyle is a good tackler while Klasnic doesn’t tackle at all, yet he conceives more fouls than Doyle. Doyle has scored three against Klasnics two, but Doyle has played three more matches. A little plus to Doyle would be my conclusion.

So can I answer my own questions now?

What kind of match can we expect?
– Probably a hard fight when bodily contact and in-your-face football will be important.

Which key players will there be?
– The ones on the left side for Wolves – Ward and Jarvis – and the ones on the right side for Bolton – Steinsson and Gardner.

Who will win (or will it be a draw)?
– Wolves are the much better tacklers all over the pitch, so they will have an advantage when it comes to bodily contact football.
– Wolves has the better key players. Ward is slightly better than Steinsson and Jarvis is much better than Gardner.

Wolves will win the match!



~ by paddytheflea on December 5, 2009.

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