The Wolves are back: 2-1 against Bolton when Milijas Excels

Well, well. A Wolves win when we most needed it. Wolves won against Bolton at home with 2-1. Much because Nenad Milijas showed his class in both shooting and conducting set pieces.

The first goal came from a set piece. Nenad Milijas found Christophe Berras head with the ball and he nodded it further to our special goalscorer Jody Craddock who volleyed it into the net. And that was after just three minutes of the game.

There has been a little bit of an upset when the press claimed that manager McCarthy had said to the players to copy Birmingham. They didn’t know that it was about the scoring in three minutes, though.

Wolves totally owned the first half. They attacked on the wings and from set pieces and the side with Jarvis and Ward was a key to the victory, just as I said earlier. But I didn’t think that McCarthy would play Milijas from start. A great move by our manager. And what was it that the E&S said about Milijas just a couple of days ago?

The entry of Nenad Milijas, the player McCarthy had banked so much upon made minimal difference. Already the worry is that the Serb’s second half cameo at Stoke might just be the pinnacle of his achievement this season.

I don’t like when a local paper slates down the whole Wolves team of players in the gutter, I’ve said it before and I will probably have the opportunity to say it again. Milijas was not bad against Birmingham and the Serb was superb against Bolton. When everybody thought that an equaliser was on it’s way from Bolton, Milijas scored from over 30 yards. And it went like an arrow right into the net. That is a goal I hope that I can present to you later here.

At the present paddy is going out on town to celebrate with his mates. Have a good night all you Wolves supporters all around the globe – or a good morning to some of you, when thinking about it.



Nenad Milijas – A fantastic effort and Man Of The Match of course


~ by paddytheflea on December 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Wolves are back: 2-1 against Bolton when Milijas Excels”

  1. You mention Craddock headed it into the net. But he didnt head it he scored with a half volley shot.

  2. Sorry Clarano, but I didn’t succeed in opening your video of the goal. I therefore have to take your link away. Send it in a format readable to all.

  3. …but you may be right about the volley though. Thanks!

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