Milijas: It was one of my more important goals

MILIJAS – that  spells the victory against Bolton this evening and Paddytheflea agrees that the Serb internatonal had a lot to do with why Wolves could catch three points against Bolton this evening.

(Highlights now in a link in the right sidebar or HERE if it still works)

But, lets be fare to the others fighting in the team – he was not the sole contributor to Wolves winning against the Bolton Wanderers. But the Serbian International star is of course one of our heroes. What does Nenad himself have to say about the match?

I am really happy because I scored a goal and we won the game. We’d been talking all week about how we needed to play and talking with the gaffer and the coaches and I think we deserved the win.”

“Everybody went out there and played for each other and we got the result we needed. It was one of my more important goals. I’ve scored a few good goals before but this is particularly special because I felt some pressure having not scored for so long. It should help me moving onto the next game but I am very happy here and have been all the time since I arrived.

Wolves manager Mick McCarthy is of course delighted with Milijas preformance last night

It’s welcome to the team for Nenad if he plays like that. It’s what Terry (Connor) and myself saw when we wanted to bring him to the club. It was a bit like Zubes (Ronald Zubar) to be fair, he didn’t settle straightaway because the Premier League is a harsh old playground. Zubar came in and had three great games and Nenad has showed today what I expected and thought I was buying.

Mick McCarthy wants to make it clear to all the press about the positives about Milijas. Milijas and Elokobi are the only players of Wolves who will compete in the World Cup this summer

He’s a fabulous guy who’s going to the World Cup with Serbia and is one of their star players. That’s the level of performance we’re after – if he plays that every week he’s inked in the team and if he doesn’t the old rubber comes out.”

“Nenad coped today in a very physical game and he maybe didn’t when he first came. At Red Star Belgrade he was playing in a team which is one of the big cheeses and playing against teams who wouldn’t have had much chance of getting anything against them.”

“He’s come to Wolves and it’s not like that because we’re going to be scrapping for anything – it’s completely different. But we need that bit of creativity and players passing the ball because you can’t just run around for 90 minutes huffing and puffing. We need what Nenad did today and his delivery from corners and free kicks was sensational.

Our today delighted manager Mick McCarthy had another player that he really wants to put forward as a big contributor to Wolves victory today.

Wardy is just outstanding as a player and a character. He had another terrific game today and showed what a competitor he is. If Wardy wasn’t playing football he’d be playing gaelic football or hurling which are tough games. When you think he’s just come back from a knee operation the level of commitment he shows is remarkable.

Another player worth to mention for Mick

I thought Doyler was terrific and that he had a really good partner as well. They both complimented each other far better than they have been. Doyler’s all round play was excellent – he’s looking like the money we’ve spent on him. When we play like we did today we’re a decent side.

I agree with the picks. Milijas, of course, was the best player in last nights battle against Bolton. He changed the scene by his skills. No doubt about it. But there are other heroes behind him. Ward is certainly worth mentioning, as well as Berra, of course. But Jarvis did a good job as usual as did Edwards on the other side.

I’ve looked a bit at the statistics and Henry -who did fail against Birmingham – did much better against Bolton. With an 86% passing accuracy he is also one of the silent heroes of the clash against Bolton. And we need everybody’s contribution to stay in this league.

What more can be said? They made the right response against the fans and everybody else. They did win and on their own merits. They showed tonight that they are of the real stuff and can compete on the highest level.

And that was exactly what I as as a supporter wanted the team to show tonight. They confirmed that they have the quality to stay in this league. The rest is a matter of numbers. Let’s hope they are on the Wolves side.



~ by paddytheflea on December 6, 2009.

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