Hahnemann: Eventually we got the result we deserved

Wolves car-loving American keeper Marcus Hahnemann (is it Han’s as it is Hen’s?) has talked to Wolves World about the match against Bolton and he hails his team mates for their great workmanship on the pitch.

We really wanted those points and you could tell from the opening whistle. We learned from last week when we conceded an early goal and this time we changed it around. We started really well, got the goal and then tried to keep going and keep that tempo up. Eventually we got the result we deserved and everything worked.

There was pressure at the end but that was always going to happen because Bolton are a super tough team who were always going to throw everything forward. They had some big guns up front with a few flick-ons and created some chances. But we had all the guys clearing the ball, Karl Henry came back in a few times and then Stefan Maierhofer side-stepped someone in the box and then cleared it late on. Everybody was throwing their body in front of the ball for the team and that was so nice to see.

About the critics and Nenad Milijas

It would have been easy to lie down after some of the criticism we’ve had but we came back and battled hard and that performance should have answered a few critics. We’ve got a really good squad of players and guys who aren’t in the team at the moment who almost deserve to be out there. Even Nenad hasn’t played a lot and has been left out a few times.

It was an unbelievable goal. We know Nenad’s got quality like that but he hasn’t had a chance to show it too often purely because that space doesn’t often open up. He also had another shot deflected out for a corner and produced some quality deliveries on corners and free kicks which put Bolton under pressure. We looked dangerous throughout the game and created tons of chances.

We want to be in this league to play the tough teams – we want to be tested. It’s the best league in the world and we have got to prove ourselves. Winning on Saturday takes us one step closer to survival.

Han’s was terrific in goal against Bolton and made several crucial saves. He is one of the heroes of Saturday and when he playes like that Hen’s will have no chance to knock him out from the first eleven in the games to come. His experience shows through and he is much better than Hen’s in the play off the line. And he also showed that he is as good a shot-stopper as our young Wales international.

He made seven saves against Bolton and three high claims. But I’m afraid his throw outs and kick-outs does not find a Wolves player more than his competitor Hennessey’s does.


~ by paddytheflea on December 7, 2009.

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