Tottenham: Keane to Celtic (?) and Modric up and running

A little news from our opposition on Saturday. The papers were full of gossip today that Robbie Keane is on the move again.

Rumours say he will go to Celtic out on-loan in the January window. But as Arsenal are interested in another Tottenham striker – the forgotten Russian star player Pavlyuchenko – I doubt the rumours have any substance.

The Tottenham reserves team boss Allen was delighted as their midfield ace Luka Modric played for seventy minutes in a game.

The Tottenham faithful have missed the Croatian play-maker as he has been out injured. Broke his leg I believe. I would be surprised if he didn’t play against Wolves on Saturday for at least half an hour, but he will probably not start.

Will Robbie Keane play then? I think the chances are good that the former Wolves player will be involved in the match.

Crouch has played from start in two draws now and it’s time for Robbie to get his chance. But he doesn’t seem to go well together with the prolific striker and leading goalscorer of the Premier League Jermain Defoe. But Crouch and Defoe clicks perfectly. Come to think of it I know somebody who clicks with Keano in international games. Got the picture? Could we rival Celtic to loan him in January if the rumour is true? Well. Ask Harry and Mick.

Perhaps Tottenham will rotate both Crouch and Defoe and go for Keane and Pavlyuchenko or Keano with Giovani Dos Santos – the young Mexican starlet – on Saturday.

Everything seems possible and it’s unsure what’s on Harry Redknapp’s mind. And they have so many good strikers to air and the ones on the bench now are probably very hungry to prove themselves against Wolves so they probably will be as lethal to our defence as Defoe and Crouch.

It will be an interesting game at White Hart Lane, though. And I think it’s broadcasted on TV all around the world so fans everywhere can watch it. Up The Wolves!



~ by paddytheflea on December 8, 2009.

7 Responses to “Tottenham: Keane to Celtic (?) and Modric up and running”

  1. Keane: Celtic or Wolves. Go away and have a lie down. If he’s going anywhere he’ll be going up North to play in front of 60,000 every other week. Wolves, yer havin a laugh. 😀

    • He went to our Academy and has a soft spot for Wolves ever since. He even comes to watch our matches now and then. His companion in Ireland Kevin Doyle is playing for us. It would be the perfect choice for Keano. Playing against teams who can’t measure up with League Two every week cannot be a challenge for Robbie. 😆

  2. I have a soft spot for my mother-in-law, it’s the swamp at the back of the house!! Can’t see him going back to Wolves. Dermot Desmond is apparently going to pay his wages which is around 70k a week, Wolves would be fit to pay this elephantine wage but Celtic without the assistance of that tight fisted tosser Desmond wouldn’t so any transfer to the Hoops shall be in the hands or even wallet of Desmond.

    Champions League football is where Keane wants to play, Celtic will win the SPL at a canter this year as the forces of darkness are rotten. Celtic are in a transitional period and once Mowbray gets the signings needed in the Jan transfer window and gets rid of the deadwood, Caldwell, McManus, etc we shall be crowned champions again. Keane will gets his wish at a crack at the champions leagues come next September if the move comes to fruition.
    Haven’t seen him play well in the Prem for two seasons now consistently, a change is as good as a holiday i used to hear the guy from Thomas Cook say. (Where are they now?) Maybe then we’ll flog him to you after a few seasons for 35million. Start saving!! 🙂

    • You may be right in that Robbie wants to play in the Champions League, Chucky. But then he has to wait and take the good with the bad. We can take him this season and you can have him the next.

  3. He may well want to play in the Champions League but will he want to get beaten in every match and go out in the first round! Maybe the Irish connection at Wolves will sway him.

  4. RE: Chris R

    I would like to point out that for the past two seasons (before being gubbed by a superior Gooners side this season) Celtic have made the last 16 of the CL only to be beaten in extra time by Milan and by the a goal last year. I do believe you must be referring to The Forces of Darkness who unfortunately are our neighbours. The day Wolves qualify for even the Europa cup, then you can come and slag me off Chris R. Maybe THE IRISH connection at Celtic, and the fact that he supports the Hoops, and is oft at European night where the place rocks so much that there is a danger of your fillings falling out will sway him.

    • If I’m rightly informed – and I almost always am – all Robbies fillings fell out the last time he was watching a game at Molineux.

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