Daniel Jones to sign permanent for Notts County

Wolves defender Daniel Jones – out on-loan to Notts County – yesterday talked to the BBC. It seem to be a done deal that he will sign for the hopeful of racing through the leagues team in January, despite Jones not given any playing time recently.

I wish I could have played a lot more at Wolves but it wasn’t to be. I’m just glad to have moved and got out of there, I felt it was time to progress my career somewhere else. I have confidence in my own ability to play week in, week out and progress through the team. I do not doubt myself and look forward to the next game all the time. Hopefully I’ll stay injury free, then progress and push on as best I can.

Under new boss Hans Backe Jones has not featured since 31 October, but he keeps up hope of playing

The new manager has come in and I’ve only played one game under him. I’m training well and keeping myself in the best physical shape possible. Whenever he does need me I’ll be ready and waiting to take my chance. He is calmer than Ian and he talks to you more man-to-man. He has a good reputation and the training we’ve been doing is fantastic. It’s great to train and play week in, week out.”

Daniel Jones is 23 years old and it was expected that he would sign for County in January. I was in doubt as he doesn’t seem to get any playing time for Backe, but maybe he is in the future plans of the team anyway. He is of course right to look for playing time away from Wolves as he has no chance to feature in the team anytime soon. But he has been in Wolves since he was nine so it is with emotions we wish him good luck in the future.


~ by paddytheflea on December 9, 2009.

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