Mick: I was delighted with Sylvan on Saturday

Mick McCarthy is not dissatisfied with his pair of strikers. Even if they haven’t been on the scoreboard lately he has hopes for them.

I thought they were great last weekend, they did far better. Neither of them really had any chances, but I thought they both worked their socks off and they make us a better team when they’re like that.

Partnerships don’t just happen, they have to work at it, but they made it work on Saturday far better than they have done. Sylvan still hasn’t really had any chances but he and Kevin really battled away on Saturday and they provided us with a real base that we could play off far, far better. If they play like that and we get chances because of it then fine.

Sylvan Ebanks-Blake – double Golden Boot winner in the Championships – has not scored in open play in the Premier League yet.

It doesn’t matter who’s scoring the goals, as long as someone is. It’s coming for him. Centre-forwards thrive on service as well and he hasn’t had any clear-cut chances he’s missed. I was delighted with Sylvan on Saturday because it was definitely better from him. I thought he put a shift in. He might not have got his chances but he just kept grafting, and that’s what I want.

It looks like the forward pairing for the match at White Hart Lane is set. It can be debated if it wouldn’t be better to try Keogh against Tottenham. Or maybe to give the Hoff a chance from start. But if Mick can get Doyle-Blake to click and score much is gained for the remains of the season.


~ by paddytheflea on December 9, 2009.

5 Responses to “Mick: I was delighted with Sylvan on Saturday”

  1. Well I hope that SEB finds his form soon. Myself, I would give Keogh a run out, play him as a link man just behind Doyle, so in effect it will be a 4-4-1-1 formation.

  2. Sorry Mick but I disagree!!
    SEB’s been given enough chances and it hasn’t happened for him. Time to give someone else a chance from kick off and not just 10 minutes as a sub at the end…

  3. micks fatal buzzword “shift” is becoming as offensive as “nugget”. his “I dont care if the strikers arent scoring” is on a par with “i dont look at the table”… my dislike of mccarthy is no secret but regardless of where you sit on the debate, persisting with something that doesnt work is never going to be to the benefit of any club/team.

    seb is a shadow of his former self so easily taken off the ball by prem defenders, spends more time rolling about on the floor… we have no proven quality to partner Doyle upfront, but it is proven thet seb is not up to it. therefore until we get a quailty strike partner for Doyle we must boost our midfield (by far our strongest area) in a 4-5-1 or atleast give Mairhoffer more then 28 seconds at the end of a game.

    am livid when mick talks utter bs, assuming us to be blind idiots… persist with seb at your peril mick. putting a shift in..? dont make me roflcopter

    roll on January.


  4. The SEB trick off shoving his arse into opponents and pivoting, which worked wonderfully in the lower tier, has been spotted and he is not cutting it in the prem right now. As for ‘shift’ and work-rate? Has MM watched any recent games on sky~?
    I you speed it up SEB rtemains almost static.
    Give him (and it) a rest Mick
    Hoff or Keogh for me, might wake SEB up a bit.

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