Adkins: George has ended up with a very nasty facial injury

George Friend had a nasty facial injury yesterday in the Iron match against Barnsley. You can read all about the match and the incident HERE.

Manager Adkins of Scunthorpe talked about George Friends injury in the post match press conference at Barnsley.

I will try to transcribe from the Iron Player what he said.

What was the problem with Marcus Williams?

Marcus collided heads with one of their players so he went to the sidelines with our physio Alex Dalton and we found Marcus had blurred vision, a headache and was disorientated, so we took him off.

And then George Friends came on and he has to go off with three horrible stitches (Adkins pointing to his own face under the left eye) in a gash across his cheek bow and his nose didn’t stop bleeding for a long period of time. I can’t really comment on the incident relating to that until I see it on video, but George has ended up with a very nasty facial injury.

On question Adkins added that it was too early to determine whether the pair would be available for Irons match away to Reading Saturday.

It looks like George Friend had a real scare. Hope he gets better and up and running again soon.


~ by paddytheflea on December 10, 2009.

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