Castillo: There’s a big family here which is Wolves

The defensive midfielder Segundo Castillo – only a substitute in the two last games – talked to the official site about Wolves with the help of a translator.

I’m very happy indeed to be here and happy with the support from the management and players. It is disappointing that we haven’t got some of the results that we maybe deserved over the start of the season.

About the team spirit

But there is a very good spirit among the players and also a great relationship between the players and the backroom staff. Everyone works together very well during the week and it’s just that in some games it’s not quite worked out how we’d have hoped. That’s what happens in football and we just have to keep fighting and battling and avoiding mistakes and playing like the lads did against Bolton.

About the club spirit

You can feel how much everyone in the club wants Wolves to do well – not just the manager and players but through all the office staff as well. There’s a big family here which is Wolves. That’s why it’s so important that the team perform well on the pitch, we owe it to everybody at the club.

About the confidence level

Confidence was a bit low before the Bolton game but that win lifted everyone and we just have to work hard to make sure we keep it up. Having gone a few games without a win it was really important to get that result on Saturday particularly to keep in touch with the teams above us. It should help us play with more confidence over the next few tough games as well.

About the players and the matches ahead

I think we’ve got a great squad of players and just need to prove that out on the pitch. This group of players showed how good they were in winning the Championship and that has provided the basis for this season.

It’s a long campaign and we know we can pick up the results to climb the table. It’s a big challenge but one we have to take it in our stride. The Premier League is a very difficult league but we have shown in some of the matches against the better teams that we can play here. It’s just been the odd lack of concentration or mistake that has cost us in certain matches.

We’ve got some good forward players who can score goals and it’s up to the more defensive players in the team like myself to ensure we stay firm and keep some clean sheets.

I think Segundo Castillo was on the bench because we were playing aganst teams in our own league, so to speak, in the last two games. It is very possible that he will be a part of the starting eleven against Tottenham on Saturday, when we need some more coverage defensively.


~ by paddytheflea on December 10, 2009.

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