McCarthy: Tottenham against Wigan was Disneyworld

Wolves manager Mick McCarthy talked at length about Tottenham at the press conference today.

It’s not a case of knowing what to expect from these tough games but what can happen if we’re not all at it. I’ll take a portion of that responsibility because I wanted us to go and have a go at Chelsea and tried to attack them. I’ve seen them do that to others though and whatever system you play it can happen. They went and slapped Arsenal 3-0 a couple of weeks after playing us. We’ll be having a go again tomorrow if we can but might have to temper our performance with a bit of caution.

I haven’t watched their game with Wigan because it’s Disneyworld. Forget that one – that was a pile of nonsense that one where every shot they had went in. I’ve been involved in those games both for me and against me.

I’ve watched them against Manchester United and Everton and I know they are a very good side with some top players. They’ll be disappointed to have let a two goal lead slip against Everton because they were great in the game. And yet even with having the penalty late on they almost lost.

I think us dropping into the bottom three had a real adverse effect on us. We played Arsenal and then had Chelsea and that probably had more of an effect on everybody about the club than I would have thought. I know Terry (Connor) said after the Arsenal game that there was a marked difference having to ‘jolly’ everyone along to get them at it.

We are there, we’re in the bottom three, and all the teams above us are all sweating not to come down into there. They’re all desperate not to be there and that desperation and fear can have a real adverse effect. From our point of view we’ve just got to keep fighting and scrapping to get out of it. We know we are there but we’ve just got to play like we did last week.


~ by paddytheflea on December 11, 2009.

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