Mick on Keane: One of a few really good ones I coached

When the fans think of Robbie Keane we remember him as the youngster who came from our Academy and took a place in the senior squad. But our current manager has a relation and memories of his own to the Tottenham world class forward. He remembered Robbie in talks with Wolves World.

I picked Robbie for his full international debut when he was 18. He really was a will o’ the wisp at the time, he was so elusive on the pitch.

He’s got great touch, great energy about him and there’s always been a great desire from him to play. He’s great to have around the place too. There was also never any danger of him not breaking the goalscoring record for Ireland – that was always nailed on. He’s one of a few really good ones I managed and coached.

World class, great and brilliant are wonderful terminologies, but he’s proved he can play at that level. He’s played and scored at a World Cup, so you can call him that if you do that and score that many for your country, no matter who it’s against. To score that many as well takes some doing as well because he’s not an out and out striker either, he drops in holes and he drags people about. He’s been world class for Ireland, that’s for sure.


~ by paddytheflea on December 11, 2009.

4 Responses to “Mick on Keane: One of a few really good ones I coached”

  1. The trouble with Keane is that he refuses to recognise the fact that he is 29.He is missing chances in front of goal and he is frankly not fit enough.The older you are,the harder it gets.
    Keane does not do hand stands any more because he is just not fit enough to do them.I can understand Wolves wanting to play against him because he is Spurs 3rd best striker at the moment.

    • I haven’t got an idea of what fitness level Robbie has, but I’m very impressed that you have, Beach_Bum. Or is it just a hypothesis from your side? I mean – if our manager MickMcCarthy praises him as a footballer he must be a very fit and well trained man. In other words. I don’t believe that Robbie Keane is not fit.

      And different forwards has different abilities. Croach goes well together with Defoe, because Defoe is an out-and-out striker. Keane is more of a tough forward type that likes to come from deep and break through – maybe by playing a one-two. He doesn’t go so well together with Crouch. But he is an excellent player. Did you see him against France? I’ll bet he is fit!

  2. Unfortunately Paddy, some Spurs fans won’t forgive Keane for his brief holiday in the puddle. That must have affected his confidence,and he’s been played out of position to cover for Modric a lot this season so hasn’t been that prolific in front of goal. As Mick McCarthy says, he offers a lot more to the team than just goals, making space for the other striker, linking well with midfield and doing his bit defensively. Imho he’s our no. 2 striker and he’ll return to form soon.
    I have a soft spot for the Wolves as my first game watched at WHL was a game against you in the 60’s, Derek Dougan etc. Good luck this season, except against us of course.

    • Thank you, silver_spurfer. I have a soft spot for Spurs as well. Partly because Robbie is playing there.
      Here’s a song that were sung when Robbie Keane played for us:

      “He’s just 17
      And his name’s Robbie Keane
      And the way he scores is way beyond compare
      Now we all wait for another woooooooh
      ‘Cause we saw him scoring there”

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