Paddy: Why we did win against Tottenham

Well! I didn’t expect that, but I surely had hopes. A win away to Tottenham is a historical event and not one you could predict.

But Paddytheflea managed to predict the line-ups. Down to the ones sitting on the bench. I feel that I’m in touch with the gaffer. In his hair. 😆

Now we can see how Mick McCarthy hoped that the clashes against Arsenal and Chelsea would have folded out. Maybe he isn’t such a bad manager after all?!

Some of my supporter friends have pointed out to me that it was an idiot move and an error to go for an early goal against the big four, as the team would open up for attack.

Maybe that is a risk well taken? A risk that could be taken if it leads to a positive result. I don’t know if that was what happened, but I think that Mick McCarthy did something right to coach the Wolves team to a victory today. In my eyes he is a hero! At least for this weekend.

Could Tottenham have got a goal in the end and leveled? Sure! Could they even have grabbed all three points? Yes, but they didn’t. And we had the team to prevent it. And why did we have that? Because of a game plan and a good team picked by Mick McCarthy. And it is, Express & Star, the same team that you said wouldn’t make it in the Premier. The team picked by the same manager you put out in the cold.

But football is no science. It’s guts and blood and coincidence. But it’s also the ability to foresee the moves of the opposite side. And that was what Mick did today. He outsmarted the team that – in their last match at home – won against Wigan with nine goals to one. And that, my friends, ain’t cats shit.

It is true that we did not have much chances going forward after the goal, but nor had Tottenham. We neutrailsed them. And that was no coincidence. It was part of the plan. We were in their faces. And we sorted it out. The match shows how much an early goal matters in Premier League. There are not many chances in an ordinary match and the team that takes them are usually the winners. We have to learn that and act accordingly.

And today we did and therefore we did win. Simple as that. But of course not so simple. It takes an effort or – as Mick would say (and we all hate a lot when we lose) – that everybody puts a shift in. And today everybody did.

That’s the Mick McCarthy way. And at least tonight I am a follower. Because I dont believe it was a coincidence that we did win today and it wasn’t luck. It was a team effort and everybody pitched in. And we are a very good team. Managed by Mick McCarthy. Let’s stick to that.

Paddytheflea (after a few, I admit;-)


~ by paddytheflea on December 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Paddy: Why we did win against Tottenham”

  1. Yes, we had a good game. Spurs didn’t create a lot of 100% chances. We won because of Milijas and our defence/keeper. Both our strikers shows their strength – it’s just a matter of time before Ebanks scores. It was also nice to see Iwelumo play again. He won a lot of duels, added power to our attack. Other players should have moved around the area Iwelumo won his duels, but i guess at that time we focused on the defensive part of the game.
    Any how, we must use our advantage when we have break downs. It is a big difference between leading 1-0 and 2-0 – Spurs coul’ve scored. We stop up, playing sideways, either because of poor accuracy or of cowardice (playing safe)

    • I think we played safe, and we did right to do so. I’m not equally convinced of SEB:s advantages. He is a danger in front of goal but he does not contribute enough in my opinion. I would like to see Iwelumo and Doyle up front.

      But it is hard to be negative on an night like this. FANTASTIC!!! And everybody did their part. And we showed to the world, really, that we can measure up to the best. I sit here with a buch of friends and now I will take another. You’ll never now when we have another win like this Wolfheart. Enjoy!

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