Doyle: Anyone can beat anyone and we’ll feel the same going to Old Trafford

Wolves star striker Kevin Doyle talked to the RTÉ after the match against Tottenham.

It’s a massive, massive boost. Two wins psychologically is massive for us. People said that we had Tottenham and Manchester United coming up and so you can forget about them, but we just showed what can be done in this league. Anyone can beat anyone and we’ll feel the same going to Old Trafford.

The manager deservedly ripped into us after the Birmingham game. We didn’t expect anything else I think, we were very poor that day. We talked about it, the players themselves talked about it, the manager let us talk about it ourselves, we looked at the video and saw that we were very poor and we’ve put that right the last couple of games.

Kevin Doyle also talked about how he feels regarding the lost chance to a World Cup adventure.

It’s the World Cup and playing for Ireland. Who knows if I’ll be around for another chance. It’ll never be out of my system unless I do get to a World Cup. I didn’t watch the draw and next summer I probably won’t watch the World Cup either. I just hope to do well with Wolves and be in the Premier League and forget about all that next summer.

Doylers flicker is just about to go into the net and Dawson is looking at it with horror written all over his face 😆


~ by paddytheflea on December 13, 2009.

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