Academy lost big at home against Everton

For the second time in a row the Wolves academy lost big in their league (Under 18 Premier League Group C, see under ‘Links’ in right sidebar).

Last weekend they went down with six goals to one against Manchester City. Saturday they played at home (Compton, or Sir Jack Hayward Training Ground) and had the chance to show that it was a one time only glitch and that they can compete with the best.

That was not to be. But Everton scored only one goal in the first half. It was Tod Donegan who took a free kick that Aristote Nsiala headed in net.

The next Everton goal came after 55 minutes when Ross Barkley scored from the spot. And then McAleny fired home a penalty of his own not long after.

The same McAleny made himself a brace by scoring after an hour and substitute Zac Thompson finished their scoring after 77 minutes. So 0-5 at home to Everton. It seem that they have a lot to learn. How fortunate that they have access to an Academy 😆

I have no reports telling me what Wolves did during these 90 minutes of play. But I can understand that Everton sources are more keen at reporting. Thelwell will probably have something clever to say about the match at some time.

The Boys Youth Academy does not seem to be on fire, however


~ by paddytheflea on December 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “Academy lost big at home against Everton”

  1. That’s because Everton FC have one if not the best academy in England.

    Our team recently won the Milk Cup competition in Ireland.

    Plus its very much like a school.

    We are the “school of science” after all.

    In Wolves case they need to relook at what exactly the youth system is for. It should be all about progression.

    A top flight club like Wolves is going to need a good youth system if they want to stay long term in the EPL.

    As much effort should go into the youth as the first team. Really. Our training grounds @ Finch Farm, are what’s the difference now too. The youth team use the same facilites as the first team.

  2. I couldn’t agree more, Mark. I try to report as much as possible about the Academy because I realise that it is Wolves future and represents our chance to stay in the PL.

    Teams that don’t have owners with billions to spend on players must bring up their own talents. Everton knows that and has taken action and so has Wolves recently. Hopefully we can compete with their Academy in a couple of years.

    The interest from the fans in our youth players are very high. Every article I publish on this subject gets read by many supporters.

    The problem is that the information about the Academy and the players are scarce. Part of it is of course because the club wants to protect the players from too much exposure in their young years. But I think that the coverage of matches and also the ads of upcoming matches could be higher. We all want to know more about our future. And it looks bright!

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