Doyle: Myself and Sylvan were almost playing in midfield

Kevin Doyle has scored four goals in thirteen matches for Wolves so far. If he keeps that pace I think most of the Wolves faithful would be pleased with his season goal tally. At least if the others chip in a bit.

It’s given us a massive boost to get two wins on the bounce. To be out of the bottom three as well psychologically is huge for us. Now we’ve got a game at Manchester United coming up and people would have said with Tottenham and United away, we could forget about getting anything there. But it just shows what can be done in this league – anyone can beat anyone and we’ll feel the same going to Old Trafford.

Kevin Doyle and his forward friend Sylvan Ebanks-Blake had to track back a lot against Tottenham.

We defended brilliantly. We worked on it during the week and myself and Sylvan were almost playing in the midfield for most of the game but it worked. At times we played well, but we had to put so much work in to get that result. It wasn’t easy. We were under pressure for a lot of the game but we got what maybe we didn’t get in other matches and it was nice to make it two wins in a row because that’s not easy in the Premier League.


~ by paddytheflea on December 14, 2009.

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