Milijas: That’s the sort of ball I know I can put in

Wolves Serbian star Nenad Milijas did it again against Tottenham. He delivered the hard highly curled ball that only needed a gentle flick by Doyle to sail into the net behind Gomes in the Spurs goal. His skills at set pieces has been decisive for the two wins against Bolton and Tottenham. If he can continue to deliver, Wolves has a good chance of staying  in the Premier League.

“I think we deserved the win. We started the game well again and got a nice goal. After that we had to do a lot of defending but we did it and managed to come away with three points.

We needed the win – now we’re on 16 points but we’re still in a tough position and need to keep going. We need to play every game like the ones against Tottenham and Bolton and if we do that we will take more points. We know Tottenham are a great team and one of the best in England but every player for us gave their best and we all played for each other. We’ll take the 1-0!

I think people are starting to expect me to put good balls in and I was very happy to put in some good deliveries. It was great to set up another goal and that’s the sort of ball I know I can put in.


~ by paddytheflea on December 14, 2009.

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