Jez Moxey: Of course the lack of PL experience is an issue

Wolverhampton Wanderers colorful Chief Executive Jez Moxey talked to the Sunday Mercury a couple of days ago about a lot of interesting things and straightens things out concerning the past and the future of the club.

“Steve Morgan is so passionate about the club that he thinks about it 24/7. We all, in running football clubs, sometimes have sleepless nights about how things are going. As regards January our position is quite simple – if we found the right players that the manager thinks can strengthen the team, then the board will do everything within its power to try to bring that player to Molineux. We have always had that view and have always been supported by Sir Jack Hayward, as the owner, and by Steve Morgan since he has come in. We have also done good business in January in previous years and are currently looking to see if we can strengthen the team.”

Wolves have a wage structure where Kevin Doyle is the highest paid with £21.000 and Scott Dann went to Birmingham instead of Wolves this summer when they offered him a better deal.

The wage structure is adequate for the type of players that we have been trying to attract. Scott Dann was not a player with Premiership experience. We were not prepared to sign him when he was in our building having a medical taking phonecalls from another manager – wanting to perhaps consider his options at that stage. If we are in that situation with a player like that, quite frankly – we are quite happy to stand our ground on this particular point. We don’t want that sort of player.

About the lack of experience in the squad

Of course the lack of Premier League experience is an issue. It was not only looked at, it has been discussed publicly by Mick McCarthy and myself. It is right that we did not get enough experience in, but it wasn’t through the want of trying.

About the many injuries and that it has hampered Wolves performance

It is inescapable, and you can’t just dismiss the fact that without five or six players that were the mainstays of our team last year the team was likely to be affected by their absence. It is not an excuse and you won’t have heard it from Mick McCarthy – but it is worthy of me ‘flagging it’ so people don’t forget it.

We lost Sylvan Ebanks Blake, our top goalscorer last year, after the first game. We lost Chris Iwelumo, our second leading goalscorer who has started one game for us, with a broken toe. We have missed Michael Kightly who was certainly one of our best players through injuries and operations in the summer, we lost both our full-backs early on in the season, and also David Jones – and when you look at statistics when Jones played for us last year we were very successful.

Cast your eyes over to Anfield where people talk about the loss of Fernando Torres and other players, look at how Everton who have got injuries are doing. It is not too surprising that when you lose five of your quality players and mainstays of the team last year that you are perhaps not quite as good as you want to be.”

About the players that Wolves brought in this summer

We brought in nine players and I think Mick McCarthy is happy with those players. Perhaps they haven’t given us quite what we expected in terms of returns so far but I think everyone agreed that we needed to bring in a large number of players.”

About how the Chief Executive and the owner rates Mick McCarthy efforts so far

My personal position is very clear on it – Mick McCarthy is our manager. Six months ago he led this team to its first championship title in over 20 years. We know the strategy that we have adopted. We are sticking to it. Mick McCarthy, we believe, has the talent in order to run this football club the way we want him to run it. He has our full support.

I must confess that I actually start to like this fellow. He is straightforward and says it the way it is. I also think he is ‘right on the money’. I can understand that he didn’t like Dann’s behaviour and I do agree that the injuries left us in a very difficult situation at the start of the season and now again with several key players are out injured.

Supporters tend to forget that when they demand results from the team. Wolves have done very good so far, when that is taken into consideration. Yes, I like that guy. Jez and Steve Morgan seemed to enjoy the show at White Hart Lane too. And I do believe that they are passionate in their love and concern for Wolves. I hope they get what they want in the January window so that we all can sleep better!

Chief Executive Jez Moxey and Vice President Robert Plant


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