Ebanks-Blake: I’ll always have a soft spot for Manchester United

The United official site has interviewed our striker Sylvan Ebanks-Blake ahead of the game tonight.

Hi Sylvan. You’ll be back at Old Trafford on Tuesday night. Do you feel like you need to prove anything against your former club?

Not at all. I don’t have anything to prove. I had a really good time at United but I moved on and I’ve tried to shape my career elsewhere. I had a terrific education at Old Trafford and they were great years. I learnt a lot from moving up to Manchester at a young age and I got the chance to work with top coaches and top players.

It taught me a hell of a lot and set me in good stead for what I’m achieving now. I have really special memories, including little things like the digs I stayed in when I arrived. There aren’t many better places to learn how to play football, that’s for sure. The club has a great tradition of nurturing young players and helping them either break into the first-team or have successful careers elsewhere. I feel privileged that I was able to sample that and go on and forge a career elsewhere.

Breaking into the first team at United can be incredibly tough. When you were a young player here did you believe you’d get that chance?

Of course. Every young player works towards making it as a professional at United – you have to believe you’re good enough and the manager has a track record of believing in youth. It’s perhaps only when you leave that you realise how far away you really were from achieving that dream. But when you’re there you don’t think of anything else apart from making it into the first team and you give your all to try and make that come true. Then again, if you narrowly miss the first team at United it’s not the end of the world. You can always go on and have a successful career elsewhere at most other clubs.

Do you keep in touch with any of the United lads?

A lot of the boys who I came through the ranks with have moved on and are now playing at other clubs. One guy who’s done exceptionally well is Giuseppe Rossi. He’s a terrific player and you could see he was always going to do well – I’m really pleased for him. As for lads still at the club, I chat with Darron Gibson occasionally as he had a loan spell here at Wolves.

It sounds like you still have a soft spot for United. But we understand you grew up a Liverpool fan. Who do you support when the two teams meet?

[laughs] Liverpool all the way. Always… although when we play them at Anfield on Boxing Day that’s one day when I won’t mind if they lose. But you’re right: I’ll always have a soft spot for United because they treated me so well and gave me a good start to my career.

So how many goals are you looking to score this term?

I never really set targets… and if I do then I never vocalise them. It’s just a case of staying fit and playing as many games as possible – if I do that then I’m confident the goals will come.

Which Wolves players should United fans keep an eye out for on Tuesday night?

We got promoted with a lot of good players and we’ve signed even more over the summer. I think it would be wrong of me to pick out individuals because everybody plays their part. We won the Championship last season so we’re not short of quality players. Obviously the Premier League is a different level but there’s no reason why we can’t compete at the top. As a unit we’re a good strong team and we’re still pretty confident after winning the league last season.


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