Reserves at Old Trafford cheated the fans

A choir of the Wolves faithful – the ones that had paid big to travel to Manchester in the night – was heard through at Old Trafford this evening. They sang; “We want our money back” and “Where is our first team” and “£40 to watch the reserves”. How right they were.

Mick McCarthy had made the decision to leave almost the whole first team at home. When saying pre match that he was going to rest a couple he didn’t mean two or three – he meant the whole first team.

I sincerely wonder if that was the right decision. Firstly. Manchester United had serious injury lay offs and could have been a team to beat by our first team. The match showed that this team was much weaker than the Tottenham team Wolves did beat only three days ago.

Secondly. Mick McCarthy is talking ethics in a very high note when it comes to the players behaviour on the pitch. What about the managers behaviour? What about putting the best team out to compete? What about giving the best players a chance to play at Old Trafford? What about giving the supporters their moneys worth?

I mean. Think about a devoted Wolves supporting family of five travelling to Manchester and going to the game. Being hopeful after two wins knowing that the Wolves team in their hearts have a chance against a weakened United team for the first time in God knows how many years. They pay as much for this trip and the tickets as it costs them to pay the rent for a month. Is that ethical, Mick? What do you have to say to this family?

I am VERY doubtful about the behaviour of our mananger in this match. When it was announced by the Iron that Friend was called back I for sure didn’t connect to the match against Manchester United at Old Trafford in the Premier League. No media source did.

A player that was on the bench in a Championship match three days ago – and injured as well – should not play in a match against United. Despite that he was actually one of the best players in the match. And that says a lot about the rest of the team, about the United form and about the decision of our manager.

In fact. What Mick McCarthy now has done is putting a lot of pressure on himself and the team he will launch against Burnley on Sunday. If that team does not perform. If that team does not win. Then our manager will not have the confidence of the home crowd any more this season.

I wonder if he is aware of that?! It is a big gamble and I’m really not sure if the faithful supporters will forgive him even if Wolves win on Sunday. This match will always stay at the back of their heads and they will always feel cheated of a Wolves team that really failed to show up – even in their flesh. And they will always feel that they lost face against their fellow supporters from the north. And I’m not the one to blame them for that. I think there was much more to lose then to win by this team selection.

The match? Manchester United won by three goals to nothing after at terrible performance by both teams. But United had players like Rooney, Berbatov and Vukic that made up the difference.

(Highlights from the match among the ‘videos, highlights’ in the right sidebar)

McCarthy- did he really take the right decision?


~ by paddytheflea on December 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Reserves at Old Trafford cheated the fans”

  1. Paddy, I have to disagree with you on this one. My first reaction was WTF ! Then when I thought it through it seemed to me to be a sensible optionl. I watched the game and we did not lie down or wave the white flag. We played reasonably well up until we gave away the penalty, indeed we should have gone ahead on 19 mins when Freind missed a sitter. The media have made this more than it is. Lets face it, we put out 4 internationals and a U21’s. Zubar, Iwelumo, Foley, Surman were all coming back from injury and needed some game time. Friend was the only player on the pitch that had not played in the prem this year. We have to be realistic and use all our squad players. Players cannot play every game, it is physically impossible to expect them to. I understand the frustration of some of the Wolves supports who attended the match BUT they support WWFC not just 11 players. Some of the comments by the media have been short on memories – MM is not the first manager to do this and I dont expect this to be the only time he does it. Look at Portsmouth on Wednesday – 7 changes and nothing about that in the press.

    • I don’t say that the players on the pitch didn’t perform well. They did do as well as one could ask them to. Some did more. But to rest everybody except Hahnemann of the players that started against Tottenham is in my opinion worth some critique. And the good match we did, despite this shows me that we met an United team that we – with a more ordinary team – could have beaten.

      Of course we have and will use more than eleven players. I would have no problems with resting a few, but ten is too much and does not give us a fair chance to win the game and it is not right for the fans, the players or the other teams in the Premier League. If the match against United would have been canceled and Wolves would have played a reserves game instead the starting eleven would have been exactly the one that started against United, apart from Hahnemann.

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