Head-to-Head Stats: Jarvis (Wolves) v Eagles (Burnley)

Now it is time to leave the last game and everything around it  behind us and concentrate on the game on Sunday when Wolves take on Burnley at home.

Two teams that were uplifted to the Premier League for this season. Both of them naturally tipped for immediate relegation back to the Championship. Burnley more so than Wolves, as they had less funds to reinforce their team.

I’ve discovered another likeness as well. Both teams has prolific left wingers who have done very well in the Premier so far. Both are young and still learning, but they are doing that with pace – both the learning and their actions on the pitch.

So let’s have a look at them and compare the statistics available to hopefully get some more and deeper information about the players and their teams.

Matt Jarvis, 23, had a short spell at Millwall before he started as a trainee in Gillingham. Still a trainee in November 2003 he got his chance as the flu had taken its toll on the Gills players and played 15 minutes against a Sunderland team with Mick McCarthy in charge. Sunderland won the match.

He played some more matches for their first team that season, but also for the youth team that were very successful at the time and made it to the 16 best in the FA Youth Cup.

Next season he was a regular at Gillingham and scored his first goal in a win against – Wolverhampton Wanderers. But Gills were relegated from the Championships that season. The next season he scored seven goals in League One and was voted into the League One Team Of The Year.

Many clubs were now interested in the pacey left winger – both from the Championship and Premier League – but Jarvis said that he would like to stay at Gills if they could show that they had ambitions.

But at the end Wolves did win the race to sign him and he ended up at Molineux in the summer of 2007. But that summer he had groin problems and was out injured until September. But in the end of October he was fully match fit and grabbed a place in the starting eleven with both hands. He ended up playing 27 matches that first season.

The last season he started well for Wolves but was injured in September with a hamstring problem. He came back in December and played a total of 28 games and scored three times.

This season Jarvis has showed that he has the capacity to play at the highest level of football. He has been one of the best in Wolves, despite that many of the Wolves faithful did not see him as a future Premier League player last season.

Even this season doubters have been heard, despite that he was the player who made the most crosses in the league statistics a few weeks ago. Matt Jarvis has made 15 appearances for Wolves so far this season.

Chris Eagels, 24, came through the Watford youth system, but joined the Manchester United Academy when he was fourteen. He made his debut for them in 2003 but despite United did hold on to him for five years, he only played six games for them. In 2005 he was out on-loan to Watford and Sheffield Wednesday and the next season at Watford again and at NEC Nijmegen in Holland. He came back from there disappointed as he didn’t gain as much match experience as he had anticipated. He played eleven games, most of them as a substitute.

In the summer of 2008 he signed for Burnley. Rumours were that Wolves also was interested in signing him at the time and already in January that year.

BBC Radio Lancashire made an interview with him when he said:

It’s been a hard one, you know, because I’ve been there so long (at United), to get it finally signed is good and I just want to start training now. It’s been like in a comfort zone – I’ve been there for so long, it was hard moving away as I knew everyone from the cleaner to the manager, but I believe it’s a big step and a step in the right direction.

Eagles about growing up with and train with Manchester United

It’s been very hard and you have to be very patient. And you got to realise that you play for one of the best teams in the world and I mean, look at the players – Ronaldo, Giggsy, Schoalsy – the best midfielders and defenders in the world. And every day in training you just pick up things they do, their awareness. You can’t really describe just how good they are unless you train with them. I’ve been lucky enough to play with Ronaldo, Rooney. All the top stars. I just thank the gaffer for all he’s done for me.

In Burnley Eagles made thirty appearances last season and made seven goals. So far this season he has made 16 appearances for Burnley.

Well. Two players playing as left wingers with very different backgrounds. Eagles with his upbringing in the Academy and training at Manchester United and Jarvis who started as a trainee for Gillingham to move up as a senior player.

As a result Jarvis is the more experienced and battle hardened player when it comes to matches. But maybe Eagles has learned one or two invaluable tricks by his training mates at Old Trafford.

Let’s look at how these two players has played so far this season when it comes to the statistics available. And don’t forget to watch them extra on Sunday. They are both very technically skilled players and artistic in their moves. A joy for the football loving eye.

Season 2009-10
Jarvis Eagles
Fouls won and / conceded / % won
15 /5/75%
Tackles won and / lost / % won
9/4 /69%
Accurate passes % / Attacks created
70% / 33
65% /10
Goals / Assists / Shots on goal
0 /2 / 4
2 / 3 /9

Let us now try to get a deeper understanding about Matt Jarvis and Chris Eagles through these stats. Earlier when I’ve done these head-to-head studies, Wolves have always met teams from the upper half of the tables. This time it is more equal in this sense.

Fouls: Jarvis is the winner of this category with a few percentages. But Eagles is not far from him and they have been involved in about as many foul situations.  To win a foul could be very important for a midfielder/winger as a set piece could result in chances to score.

Tackles: This is an area that the Wolves as a team are the best in Premier League according to statistics. But Jarvis does not measure up to Eagles numbers here. He does not tackle as much as Eagles and he has a lower rate of won tackles. Eagles is almost as good as Aaron Lennon at this. Has he learned this at the United Academy?

Passes and Attacks: This is an important area for an attacking winger. The players of Wolves are almost always inferior to players of the top teams when it comes to passing the ball accurate. But how do they measure up to a fellow team fighting to stay up? With seventy percent accurate passes Jarvis is the best passer of the two. Five percent lower for Eagles means that much more passes go from his feet to the opposite side or out of the lines.

As I have said before, wingers are about creating attacks. And both players has a lot of pace. And it is in this area that Jarvis excels against fellow wingers – even when compared to the wingers from the top clubs. He has created 33 attacks in the 15 matches he has played. Very good, but in the two last matches he has played he has only managed to create one attack (against United he only played for half an hour, though). But that was against United and Tottenham. Eagles has only created ten, though, maybe because he does not always play as a winger. Sometimes he moves into the inner midfield. But Jarvis is one of the best in this league at creating attacks, so it is no surprise that Eagles does not measure up to him in this important area.

Goals, Assists and Shots on goal: The weak figures from Jarvis when it comes to the actions surrounding the opposition goal area continues. As a matter of fact these figures are exactly the same as before the Tottenham game. Not a shot on goal during the two last matches for Jarvis. That is a weak spot for the Wolves team. They don’t shot enough. Last season they were one of the top teams in that area. On Sunday I want to see shots on goal.

Eagles has scored twice and made one more assist than Jarvis. That is a more ‘normal’ consequence of his game. Jarvis underachieves when it comes to goals and assists this season.

Conclusions: We have looked at the stats of two of the best players in Burnley and Wolves at the same position – the left wing. Jarvis excels compared to Eagles when it comes to winning fouls and to accurate pass the ball. Eagles is the better when it comes to tackles.

Who is the best of the two then, based on these statistics? Well, it’s hard to say, really. I would like to say that Eagles has been the best player so far when it comes to results, but that Jarvis has the potential to be much better. Jarvis has managed to create three times the number of attacks to Eagles, he has not scored a goal yet in the Premier League. But he has been very close and I hope that goal will come on Sunday!


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