Kevin Foley should play. But where?

Wolves Player Of The Year last season Kevin Foley played his first match from start after his injury against Manchester United. I think he did very well in his new position for the day at the inner midfield. Foley himself was also very pleased at playing and to be captaining the team against his childhood dreamteam. To the Wolves official site he said:

You can do all the training you want, but match action is what you need and to be out on the pitch, in front of a crowd playing 90 minutes is what you want. When you start playing again, you can struggle for fitness, but thankfully now I’ve played a game and a half and I’m feeling confident and as fit as ever. Hopefully now I can stay that way from now until the end of the season.

His performance against United was so good that it really raises the question if this could be a position that Kevin could play in all the time for Wolves. This is also something that have been discussed among supporters for some time now.

The statistics from the United clash available from Telegraph shows that Kevin Foley was doing very well indeed. He passed the ball 72 times and 86% of these passes were accurate. That is more passes that Karl Henry has done in any match. He has only passed the ball 30-40 times in the latest matches according to the stats.

When looking at other things as interceptions, duels and clearances the stats show us that Foley was very active all over the pitch with this as well, from Hahnemann’s posts to the United penalty area. He did really put a shift in – as our revered manager uses to say. He was probably the main reason that this team was available to give United a match for the points after all. And after my earlier analysis about how important accurate passes and to be active on the pitch is I am personally in no doubt that Foley did a very good performance against United. (see about that HERE)

So I think that Foley should be played on Sunday against Burnley. But where should he play? I want Milijas in the starting eleven as well, as he is a very creative player. But perhaps the choice is not Henry or Foley, but Henry and Foley and McCarthy can start with a midfield with Jarvis – Milijas – Henry – Foley.

But Foley will not act as a winger, but as an ordinary midfielder and Milijas would have a more free role on the midfield supporting the forwards with nice crosses – as of course Jarvis will do as well. What do you think? Please comment!



~ by paddytheflea on December 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Kevin Foley should play. But where?”

  1. I know the Burnley game has gone now, but the midfield 3 of Milijas, Henry and Foley did well. I think there is too much of a knee jery reaction in having 2 wingers. Have Jarvis but let him switch wings to catch the defence out. He is a right footed player playing on his preferred left wing after all.

    • You may be right, Mark. And, yes, they really did well. When Kights and Jarvis played together they use to shift wings in the middle of play to confuse the opponent. I am longing to see them play together again in full form. It was a very powerful sight, Mark!

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