Hi Ho And Up Wolves Go!

Wolves did a very good match today against a hard working Burnley team. After a not so good start Wolves took over the match and could win rather comfortable with two goals against nothing – the goals scored by Milijas in the first half and Doyle in the second. Wolves winner meant that they advanced to 12th spot in the league.

The teams starting were exactly the ones Paddytheflea had predicted a couple of hours before start. And Foley was one of the very best players on the pitch. He saved Wolves from a certain goal in the back by standing by the Hahnemann left post kicking away the ball on the goal-line. But he could also be seen at the other end trying to send a ball in the net from a cross by Jarvis.

Jarvis on the other wing was another player who worked the whole pitch in length effectively stopping attacks and creating them himself.
And of course our match winner Kevin Doyle who created his own chance on the second goal and showed a lot of technique and guts as usual. Ward was again very good and dominant in the back line and Mancienne did a very good job after coming in for Milijas.

Wolves did a very good match as a team and although they were under some pressure the last fifteen minutes there were never any doubt that the victory rested firmly in the hands of the Black & Old Gold today.

Hi Ho Wolverhampton!



~ by paddytheflea on December 20, 2009.

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