Post Match Head-To-Head Stats: Jarvis (Wolves) vs Eagles (Burnley)

Last Friday I did a head-to-head comparison between two prolific left wingers in Wolves and Burnley. Maybe it was a no-brainer to predict that these two players would be very important in the game, but afterwards it’s easy to say that they really were.

I thought it should be appropriate to take this thread up again and look at their respective stats for this particular game and see how they did a little more balanced and a little deeper than the ordinary, subjective pundit way.

So let’s have a look at the available stats for Matt Jarvis and Chris Eagles for the match between Wolves and Burnley yesterday

Wolves vs Burnley
Jarvis Eagles
Fouls won and / conceded / % won
1 /2/33%
Tackles won and / lost / % won
0/0 /-%
Accurate passes % / Attacks created
96% /3
79% /2
Scoring attempts/ on target / Won contests of ball
2 /2 / 2
4 / 3 /4

Let us do as always and try to analyze and interpret these figures to get an answer to the question of how they did in the match and who did the best. You may notice that the table above contains a couple of new categories from the stats presented before the game.

Fouls: Jarvis was the winner of this category with a few percentages in total, but in this match he managed to give away two an only win one. Eagles did also win one but he only gave away one foul. What does that say about how they did in the match? Not much. We need more information.

Tackles: No tackles at all by Jarvis, according to the statistics and only one – which he lost – by Eagles. Remarkable. Is this really true? Eagles have shown before that he is a good tackler. Perhaps this match was not the kind of ‘in-yer-face’ football that contained much tackling over all. We could conclude that it was a more open contest with chances in both directions with an edge to the advantage of Wolves. Perhaps Eagles and Burnley would have done better if they had played a tighter game?!

Passes and Attacks: In total Matt Jarvis was the best at passing the ball correctly and here he shows an even better sum. 22 out of 23 passes by Jarvis reached a Wolves player. That is excellent indeed. Chris Eagles missed many more. Seven out of 33 passes. Seven balls going out of play or to a Wolves player.

When it comes to attacks Matt Jarvis was superior seen to all the matches played this season and in this match he has made one more attack than Chris Eagles. Doesn’t sound much of an advantage but in percentages it means that Eagles only created 66% of the attacks Jarvis did.

Scoring attempts and contests won: This is a new category. As no one of the players scored or assisted to a goal in this match we use these indicators instead. Jarvis had two attempts at scoring in the match and both of them was on target. One of them was actually the attempt that keeper Jensen blocked so that Milijas could score. As close to an assist you could get. 100% on target, that rings a bell. Wolves had 12 scoring attempts against Burnley. All of them on target. Talk about precision! Maybe that was the big difference between the two teams?! Jarvis also won two contests of the ball, but Eagles doubled that.

And he actually had four scoring attempts, alas three on target. But anyway the stats shows that Eagles was better in this important category, but having in mind that one of  Jarvis attempts actually resulted in a goal. Perhaps Jarvis’s team mates was more alert in this match than Eagles’s. Because of the resting, perhaps? 😆

Conclusions: I think that the stats shows that both of the players did a very good job. It also shows that this match was not a hard fought game in the meaning that it was a game of close bodily contact. Both the absence of fouls and tackles of these players shows that.  In passes they both are good, but Jarvis excels. The same thing with creating attacks.  But when it comes to the work in front of goal Eagels seem to be the more creative and skilful player.

We said that before the match and that is at least partly true after the match. But Eagels had not enough help from his team mates this time and I think that the Wolves players were involved in making it harder for him to take advantage of his skills. And one of them was Matt Jarvis. And Jarvis was better yesterday than in the games against United and Tottenham. And he created a goal. And more will surely come.



~ by paddytheflea on December 21, 2009.

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