Can statistics say how the Liverpool FC vs Wolves match will unfold?

I keep on with my statistics to try to get a grip on the future by looking at the past. This time I will compare the team statistics  for Wolves in the match against Burnley with the Liverpool statistics from their match against Portsmouth.

(I use statistics from a lot of different sources: Telegraph, Football-lineups, Skysports etc.)

Statistic/Team—Liverpool-//- Wolves
Shots on goal ——— 1———— 9
Shots off goal ——— 5 ———– 1
Corners —————- 10 ———– 5
Accurate passing % – -75 ——– 69
Tackles —————- 22 ——– 27
Tackles won % ——- 77 ——— 82
Ball possession % —– 55 ——– 48
Territ. Advantage —- 47 ——— 55
Best players&Rating – Many-6—- Doyle- 8,5, Craddock, 7,9, Milijas, 7,9

Could it really be fruitful to look at this and get any answers about the teams? Let’s try!

It stands very clear that Liverpool has not done a good match when it comes to attacking (or Portsmouth has done a superb match at defending) One shot on goal is terribly bad for any team. Nine on goal for Wolves is very good. It’s way over average for the team and only one on the side shows a clinical approach. It’s a team in form. Five off goal shows the opposite about Liverpool.

The large amount of corners shows me that Liverpool did manage to get into the Portsmouth penalty area with balls, but again, one shot on goal and ten corners?!! Highly ineffective in front of goal!

Not unsurprisingly we can conclude that Liverpool are a good passing team, better than Wolves, but Wolves are improving in this area. And when looking at the figures for possession we can see that Liverpool had most possession of the ball against Portsmouth, whereas Burnley had more than Wolves. But the figures for territorial advantage talk a different language. We can conclude that the Liverpool possession and passing was going on mainly on their own half of the pitch, whilst Wolves had more possession on the Burnley half.

At tackles Wolves are better than Liverpool and they tackle more. That is no surprise to anyone as Wolves are the best tackling team in the Premier League.

What conclusions can we draw from these simple stats, then?

If the two teams follow the same formula of playing as they did in their last match we will see:

* a good passing Liverpool team with most of the possession. But most of that play and possession will go on in their own half of the pitch. They will go forward on the flanks and try to cross the ball to the area, but they will not have enough firepower and precision to get the ball into the net.

* a Wolves team which hinders the Liverpool team with tackles as they try to go forward and when they go forward themselves they will stay longer in the Liverpool side of the field and shoot more than their opposition and with much better precision.

That surely sounds like a game I would like to attend! 😆



~ by paddytheflea on December 23, 2009.

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