Steve Morgan: Wolves is a club with a heart that’s very similar to Liverpool

Wolves Chairman and owner Steve Morgan has grown up in Liverpool and was a big fan of Liverpool FC and traveled with them in his childhood. Now he will be back at Anfield for the first time as Chairman and owner of Wolves and Daily Express has asked him how he feels about it.

It is the fixture I have been looking forward to most since we were promoted, but I am not sure how I am going to feel. There will be mixed emotions. As somebody who started going to Anfield when he was six years old, first in the boys’ pen then the Kop and who followed Liverpool home and away, clearly there is a piece of my heart that is – and always will be – there.

Steve Morgan was very close to becoming the owner of Liverpool FC, but when he in due diligence discovered the big debts of the club he lowered the offer to the shareholders so that he should be able to put more into the club and pay the debts. The new offer on the table was not accepted by the shareholder majority and the deal fell.

If I knew at the time of my bid what was later going to transpire with the uplift in television money from Sky, then perhaps I would have gone through with the deal. But when we did due diligence, it wasn’t what we were led to believe. The money I was trying to put in was going to go into the club, whereas what has subsequently happened is that the club is saddled with debt. Had my deal gone through, we would have been completely debt free.

Liverpool’s is still the first result I look for because I am always at Wolves games. But my life policy is never to look back because, if you do, you never move forward. I have made mistakes in life, but whatever disappointment came out of not buying Liverpool, something really good came out of it.

I am absolutely delighted to be in charge at Wolves and 100 per cent committed. I look at players like Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher, who have given their entire playing careers to Liverpool and they, in particular, deserve better. They have class players like Torres and Mascherano. If they can only get it together they are more than capable of getting a Champions League spot and, hopefully, building from there.

I said at the start of the season my wish was for Liverpool to win the league and for Wolves to finish mid-table. It will not happen now, but hopefully I’ll be half right. Look at someone like Wayne Rooney. He was born and bred an Evertonian, but now he is completely for Manchester United. Ian Rush grew up an Evertonian, but no one would call him that now,” he said by way of explanation of his change of allegiance.

I believe a club should operate within their own means and that is what we aim to do at Wolves. I was approached by 14 clubs, but Wolves is a club with a heart that’s very similar to Liverpool. I am proud of what we have done so far and, hopefully, we can continue.

I think we are very lucky to have a Chairman and owner like Steve Morgan.It is his means that has made it possible for Wolves to gain promotion to the Premier League. And it his funds that will help Wolves to stay here.

Steve Morgan has showed time and time again that he is a shrewd business man that knows how and when to invest (see Paddytheflea article HERE). He probably did the right thing in not to go through with the first deal with Liverpool. Wolves was and is a much better investment and I”m sure that Morgan and the club will prove this come spring and perhaps sooner than that.

The upcoming meeting between the clubs on Boxing Day will be as loaded with meaning for Steve Morgan as the clash between Wolves and Burnley was for McCarthy. Can the players bring the same effort and determination to this game as they did then, Wolves will have the chance to take points away from Anfield. And Steve Morgan will be able to laugh all the way to the bank.


Steve Morgan of Wolves – There’s no doubt about his preferences today


~ by paddytheflea on December 23, 2009.

7 Responses to “Steve Morgan: Wolves is a club with a heart that’s very similar to Liverpool”

  1. Surely, if Mr Morgan had the funds to be a contender to own a team like Liverpool, why has he only released less than 20 million to McCarthy, who with these funds can only buy 2nd and 3rd class players.?

    I cannot believe that Mr Morgan has Wolves at heart while he continues to tolerate the anticts of the manager, which if he owned Liverpool, woyuld never have happened.

    To my mind Wolves are very much ‘second choice’ in Morgans mind set, and his love for Liverpool prevails…He would have provided far,far more funds, if he owned Liverpool

    If he had acted on the Mccarthy debarcle, then I may have had a different opimion, as it stands he is Liverpool- through and through, and nothing will change that

    • No, Lizabeth. I don’t agree at all.
      If Mr Morgan had bought Liverpool you would have been better off than you are now, but Morgan has put in a lot more cash in Wolves than £20 million. And the players are not 2nd or 3rd class. They are part of a plan to take Wolves to the top in a few years time. The majority of our players are young and very talented.

      But Morgans funds has not only gone to buy players. Wolves has invested in the training grounds and facilities there and also in staff and new technology etcetera. And Mr Morgan will continue to invest in Wolves for many years to come. If Liverpool don’t get a new owner with plans for the future and funds to invest Wolves will be over them in the tables in a couple of years.

      I am comfortable with the different roles of the manager and the owners. It’s the manager who will chose the players to play. Mr Morgan should not take any part in that. And he does not. I like it to stay that way, even if I don’t agree with McCarthy’s choice of players every time. Morgan has not the footballing competence to meddle in those matters. His competence is in economical issuses and he is very good at that.

  2. Well Wolves fans, I can only tell you that we (Liverpool fans) are very envious. If only David Moores and Rick Parry had made the right choice when selling the club, we would not be where we are today. I would even go as far as to blame Moores and Parry more than even Gillet in bringing LFC to its knees by failing to provide the crucial support that Rafa has needed in the past and now to move our club forward.

    • Yes. I think you are right. A wast majority of our fans are very pleased with the ownership of Wolves. Mr Morgan is just the kind of owner a supporter wants. He provides the means and his heart is in it, but he doesn’t come in and try to meddle in details about the sport and the players. These things are left to the manager to sort out. I hope your problems will get a solution as well.

  3. Paddy, I am more than happy with the current set up at Wolves. Mr Morgan has shown on numerous occasions his pride and passion for our club. His promises to Sir Jack were humble and sincere which to me is far more valuable than any foreign investment.

    • I agree, Ruyton Wolf. Mr Morgan must be one of the most sympathetic owners in British football. We are very lucky!

  4. agreed. wolves are very lucky to get Mr. Morgan as chairman (owner). As Liverpool supporter, we envy Wolves. I believe Moores and Parry should take the blame for Liverpool current situation. They are so stupid to sell Liverpool to the American. I really nelive they knew about the massive debt it will bring additional to the team. maybe some money involved (into their pockets)…who knows…

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