The Hooligan Stats: Wolves are sheep in comparison

As many of you already know the Home Office has released the figures of the number of arrests at football matches last season. Some newspapers don’t handle this kind of information very well. I guess you don’t follow the career path of football reporter if you are good at statistics.

But as a flea Paddy have to be very good at statistics. I have to count all my relatives and friends and they are a few, I can tell ya. Therefore I will reveal to you what the figures really say about the Wolves supporters and fans of other clubs as well. You can read it as a guide of what to expect when you travel to away matches.

The only thing that Wolves get the highest figures of all teams are the number of ‘supporters’ or hooligans banned from going to matches. For Wolves the current figure are 98 banning orders. But that number is the total numbers of orders issued. Last season the Police issued ‘only’ 20 bans on Wolves hooligans. West Ham hooligans got 27 and Birmingham 26.

Actually what these figures say is that Molineux is the safest place to go if you don’t want to meet any violence or hooligans. There is only at one other point where the Wolves fans excels – or should we say the Police. It’s at catching these banned hooligans from entering the arena again.

The Wolverhampton Police caught four last season from entering when being banned. That is top of the Championships together with Forest and the Swans. But Newcastle and Liverpool in the Prem last year caught six and five. But as Wolves has the most banned it is not so hard to figure out that they stand a better chance to catch more that don’t abide to the rules.

But let us now take a look at the types of offenses and which clubs in the Premier League that ‘wins’ each category. It’s a little bit as an Oscars or a BAFTA awards ceremony. (I will place the Wolves numbers in brackets after the winners).

And the winners are:😆

For arrests in total: Manchester United with 185 (61)
For arrests in home matches: Arsenal with 101 (16)
For arrests in away matches: Everton with 104 (!) ( (45)

The price in the category of Violent Disorder goes to: Stoke City, 35 (8)
And in the category of Public Disorder Manchester United wins at 76 (29).
Newcastle United fans excels in Missile Throwing with 6 (0).
If you don’t want to hear any Racist Chanting, don’t go to Stoke, 4 (0).
If you want to see a Pitch Incursion, go to Sunderland with 24 (3).
And Newcastle United gets called back for their second price of the season for Alcohol Offences with 74 (15).
Liverpool gets their first award for Ticket Touting with 17 arrests (0).
Manchester United wins the category Offences against Property with 6 (2).
Arsenal wins the category of Possession of Offensive Weapon with 2 (0).
And Newcastle United have most hooligans who have Breached the Banning Order with 6 (4).

And that is all from the Home Office jury for this year and we will welcome them back next year again. And hooligans…Behave! 😆



~ by paddytheflea on December 23, 2009.

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  1. shit lad we had a goodun at your gaff you weren,t ready for everton. hats off tho if ya would have swarmed the busies early you would have popped e,m an then you would av been a prob

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