Does Liverpool and Benitez underestimate Wolves?

Is the Liverpool FC manager Rafa Benitez underestimating Wolves strength? I think that is a legitimate question as I look at the interview that their official site has done with their boss.

The only words he utters about the match against Wolves are:

We have to be ready for the first game. Hopefully we can win and if we do it will be easier, but it will be a tough game at Villa.

The rest of the interview is about their match against Villa on Tuesday. Probably the Wolves game is considered an easy stepping stone and the match against Villa as the ‘real’ game in the Holidays. I think that suits Wolves very well. Don’t tell Benitez that we did play a draw against Villa not long time ago.

Underestimating a team has felled many  a big team before. Underestimating Wolves can fell a manager as well. I don’t think Benitez will survive another defeat. And I think that Wolves stands a reasonable good chance to win at Anfield tomorrow.



~ by paddytheflea on December 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “Does Liverpool and Benitez underestimate Wolves?”

  1. hope you’re right paddy
    happy holidays

  2. Nuts! Don’t believe for an instant that Liverpool with their poor showing this season are underestimating anybody! It is a must win for them and they know that Tottenham lost last week.

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