Player Ratings: Liverpool vs Wolves

A mistake in a single situation led up to the defeat of Wolves tonight against Liverpool FC. But the mistake was not made by a Wolves player. The mistake was made by the referee giving Stephen Ward his second yellow card.

First I felt very angry, then only sad. It’s sad that we will never know now if Wolves would have drawn against Liverpool or even would have won the match if not that single mistake was to be allowed to destroy the match. Until that decisive moment Wolves was in the match and it could have gone either way. After it I felt that we were doomed to lose. And we did.

Anyway. Here are Paddythflea’s player ratings for the Liverpool game.

Marcus Hahnemann – 9 – Were fantastic and saved us a couple of times before the first goal. He is getting stronger for every match and you can see that the other players are trusting him completely. Paddytheflea’s Man Of The Match.

Richard Stearman – 7 – Held his own against the Liverpool stars and he made them very frustrated. They must have hated him. Worked the whole side of the pitch as usual.

Jody Craddock – 7 – Did his job and then some. Seven clearances and won all his tackles.

Christophe Berra – 8 – Was even better and more active than Craddock in this match. 87% of his passes made it to the right address. Totally honest in his play, which can not be said about Lucas in the opposing team.

Stephen Ward – 6 – Like Stearman he worked hard at his side and at times he was more of a winger than a back. But he did a mistake in laying a hand at Lucas’s backside. Lucas fell flat to the ground and it was game over for Wardy and Wolves. Wolves are paying for inexperience in the PL rat-tricks.

Kevin Foley – 6 – Ran a lot but did not seem to get much out of it. But most of the play was on the left side of the pitch.

Karl Henry – 7 – Hard to measure his appearances. wanted to give him a six, but when I look at his stats they are very good. Three tackles, all won and 91% correct passes. But i still think that he should play the ball more to people in front of him. Three passes to Hahnemann and only one to Doyle. It should be the other way around. Even in a match against Liverpool.

Nenad Milijas – 8 – Had three scoring attempts himself and created one that Doyle should have scored on. Still not good enough in the defence, which he demonstrated when Gerrard headed the first goal in the net, but we need him badly. Next time he will score.

Matt Jarvis – 8 – The most consistent player in Wolves. Works hard in defence as well as going forward. Milijas and Jarvis are the sole creators in Wolves today. Created two attempts on goal, but did not pass the ball well enough (64%)

Sylvan Ebanks-Blake – 6 – Had one scoring attempt and tried hard. But looks to easy for the opposing teams back line to control. Sometimes he tries to pass the ball to a player who is in a worse position when he should try to get through himself. Lousy passing (40%).

Kevin Doyle – 6 – Missed a header from a Milijas corner that he should have scored on. The match would have unfolded very differently if he had scored on it. Lousy passing (47%)

George Elokobi – 7 – Some may be a little surprised by this rating, but I think Big George did good in the half hour he played. Stats are backing me up as he won his tackles and had an accuracy in passing of 87%. George can take Wardy’s place when he is serving time for the red card.

Mancienne and Iwelumo played less than half an hour and will not be rated by me.

(Link to Highlights from the match now in ‘Videos, Highlights’ in the right sidebar)


~ by paddytheflea on December 26, 2009.

6 Responses to “Player Ratings: Liverpool vs Wolves”

  1. The mistake the referee made was rectified after he spoke to the linesman who pointed out he was booking the wrong player. The right player was booked and it was his 2nd so he was sent off.

    • If you look at the rerun you can see that Lucas did dive. Ward didn’t touch him.

      • I think thats one of the most biased things i have ever seen :S how anyone can possibly think he didnt deserve both yellows is beyond me…

      • Very many of the newspapers are of exactly the same meaning, Guy.

  2. I’m a liverpool fan and i think the sending off was harsh. Really can’t see where you get your ratings from though. Wolves were woeful, the worst team in the epl on that evidence, they never even challenged for the ball or closed down just dropped off further and further. A typical example of how you have to carry some attacking threat. There was only one side that wanted to win it and for once under rafa it was liverpool

    • I think you are wrong. Wolves had several attacks on your goal and did some good defending prior to the sending off. We could have been in the lead by two goals after the first half after Doyle missing a sitter after a corner and Milijas with a set piece that your goalie had the tip of his fingers on. Liverpool had much of the ball, but didn’t create much. If you think you have ‘recovered’ you better think twice and wait til after Tuesday, because I don’t think that this Liverpool team will fare well at Villa Park.

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