Chairman Morgan fears star players will leave Liverpool

The Wolverhampton Wanderers Chairman Steve Morgan is hopeful about Wolves future in the Premier League, despite that they lost to his boyhood favorite club Liverpool FC. In an interview to News Of The World after the match he says:

I wouldn’t be happy finishing fourth from bottom. I’ll be happy with a mid-table position. I’d consider that a success. The last thing I want is an exciting last weekend where we are in the mix to stay up. I hope by the end of the season we’re involved in boring games where relegation is not an issue.

He also takes time to get back at the life President of Liverpool David Moores for selling the club to the Americans now in charge:

I’ve no wish to get involved in a slanging match with David Moores, but the fact is he wanted the best for David Moores and not for the club. He was entitled to do that but it’s his decision which has led to the situation Liverpool are in now. What I find unfortunate is I saw what could happen and predicted it. That’s all on record at the time. You can’t have that level of debt and move a football club forward.”

Steve Morgan lowered his bid on the club when he found out how much the club was in debt. He did that so that he would be able to take care of the debts. But Moores and other shareholders were greedy and wanted more money for themselves and couldn’t care less about cutting the debts of the club.

So the Morgan deal was turned down and the Americans paid a higher price but the money went to the shreholders pockets and the crisis was only pushed forward in time. Now Morgan is worried about the clubs future:

My fear is if they miss out on the Champions League they’ll be even more short of money. The best players like Fernando Torres will want to leave. And even Steven Gerrard, who has given everything for the club for the last 10 years, will be considering his future.

Liverpool FC have missed out on a very good owner and Chairman. They would be in a much better shape today with Morgan at the rudder. But one clubs loss is another clubs gain. Wolves were given the chance to sell the club to Steve Morgan and took it with both hands.

His funds and forward planning has made the club  step up to the Premier League and Wolves has actually showed that they can give big clubs like Liverpool a match. Sweet revenge for Steve Morgan, despite that Wolves lost yesterday. And for those of you “Liverpudlians” who still have hopes that Mr Morgan will turn his eyes and wallet your way he has a message:

It was an emotional day for me to go to Anfield yesterday, especially with my son as a mascot, but I’m 100 per cent committed to Wolves now.



~ by paddytheflea on December 27, 2009.

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