Player Ratings: Wolves vs Manchester City

With the fact in mind that Mick McCarthy castrated the team somewhat by resting Milijas and Jarvis – Wolves did fantastically well yesterday as they stood up against a very good Manchester City team. The play by Wolves in the first half of the match was the best I’ve seen the team perform in thirty years!

But taking away our best available constructive players made the team without  some of the sting going forward and on a day when Iwelumo and Doyle didn’t seem to be friends with the ball the zero in the scoring protocol maybe was inevitable.

Here are Paddytheflea’s ratings for the Wolves players against Manchester City:

Marcus Hahnemann – 6 – Looked insecure and dropped the ball a couple of times. Placed the wall wrongly so that City could score.

Ronald Zubar – 7 – Not bad to play against Manchester City as a right back and have two scoring attempts. But lacks some ‘distinction’ in the defensive work. He had 79% of correct passes. Very good.

Jody Craddock – 7 – Worked hard as usual. It’s not easy when a ‘new guy’ comes in to partner with as in the second half.

Christophe Berra – 6 – Seemed a little out of form already before he was knocked out. Had troubles coping with the City forwards pace. (Only 56% of accurate passes)

George Elokobi – 7 – With three scoring attempts he outshines Zubar.Very much involved in play going forward. Strengthens the midfield with his presence but the same goes for him as for Zubar. He could be a liability in defending. But they are modern flank defenders that work the whole side of the pitch. The same correct passing percentage as Zubar.

Andrew Surman – 7 – Had three scoring attempts. Not bad in his second match from start. But he is young and makes some mistakes and is still a little too weak to compete at this level. But he will be a pearl for Wolves in the future.

Karl Henry – 9 – That’s much better, Karl! Very active and dominating at midfield. Tackles well and kept the City players at bay.

A very good accuracy of passes as usual – 89%. Even had two scoring attempts of his own. And he didn’t pass back to Hahnemann a single time!

Paddytheflea’s Man Of The Match 😆

Michael Mancienne – 8 – Mancienne has finally found his right place (But where should Milijas play?). Covered in defence and won balls from the City players and tackled like a man. Even had a couple of scoring attempts and 92% of correct passes.

Kevin Foley – 7 – Very active as usual. Helped out a lot in defence and had time and power  to go forward as well. With Foley fit and in form Wolves have a better and more stable team. The only question is if he will play in midfield or as a right back in the future.

Kevin Doyle – 6 – Had two scoring attempts himself. One on goal when he came through, but the angle was a little bit too steep and Given could save rather easy. Didn’t create much this match and the City back line seemed to control him too easy.

Chris Iwelumo – 6 – One of my favorite players last season. He is in the right place at the right time but the defenders of the Premier League are no pussycats. Had trouble getting the ball down and in control when he caught it. But maybe it’s a question of match fitness and getting used to the pace and defender tricks of the league. He should get more chances to get used to it and show what he can do. Maybe together with SEB.

Richard Stearman – 7 – Came in for Berra in the second half and did a good job. A better passer than Berra (80% to 56%), but maybe it was because Manceienne helped out in the back a little bit more in the second half?!


~ by paddytheflea on December 29, 2009.

6 Responses to “Player Ratings: Wolves vs Manchester City”

  1. Henry’s passing is so accurate because he desn’t pass further than 5 yards! He had a great game though yesterday.
    Thought Elokobi was his usual awful self and no wonder that we conceeded 5 goals in the the past 2 games with him on the field. This standard of football is way too high for him, he should not be playing from the start or the bench full stop!

  2. Henry passed the ball much further than five yards, Jed. And a much higher percentage where forward passes yesterday.

    I don’t agree with your standpoint on Elokobi, Jed. He has improved and if he does continue improving further he will become a very good Premier League player in my opinion. When he gets better at positioning himself and to use his body in the defensive work more he will become a wall to the opposing teams forwards.

    • Henry has been one of the players of the season for me Paddy, and I was only joking about his 5 yard passes! However Elokobi is not a PL player, he looks so out of his depth and rushes his passes so much, often putting his own players in trouble. He is certainly the weak link in the back 4 and it shows with the lack of confidence the others have around him.

      • I just read the ratings of SkySports and they give two Wolves player 7 points (their highest), Mancienne and – Elokobi.
        I think many Wolves players are under-rating Elokobi because he doesn’t ‘look’ like a good football player. But I think many players in the opposing teams have a hard time meeting and getting past him, Jed.

  3. Flippin ‘eck mate, there’s a lot of high scores there for a team that lost 3 nil at home, I’m presuming these are marks out of ten? If so how many do they get if they win?

    • Haha!
      Yes, it is. But as Mick McCarthy and many of the players has said today; Wolves played a very good match yesterday. If they continue to play like they did yesterday – and adds the scoring part, of course – I would be very pleased for the rest of the season, because they would take many points from the teams that are weaker than Manchester City – and that is most of the teams in the Premier League, ian.

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