Hello Silly Season!

The January window is about to be opened. But it’s very cold out there and there are not only Wolves hunting for the prey. And are there any eatables out there at all and if – what price must one pay to catch them?

The rumours about players that are always going around at this time of season have not impressed me much. Most of the players mentioned are not in a class that they would strengthen the current Wolves team – and that must be the first and non negotiable demand of a new signing.

I would in fact go as far as to say that Wolves should concentrate on getting one or two players in that could go straight into our first eleven or if such players are not to find restrain from signing any at all.

I’m talking about real quality here. Not five £3 million players, but one £15 million player or two £7,5 million players. Are you following me?

The big difference between Manchester City and Wolves lately was two top players. Two players that made a difference and made their goals. Bellamy and Tévez. If Wolves would have had those two instead of City we would have smashed City to pieces with a much bigger margin they finally mustered to win against us. Are you following me?

But Tévez costed City £47 million and no player with that quality will come to Wolves – at least not yet. And I don’t think Morgan is willing to splash that kind of cash anyway. Bellamy is a £14 million man and his kind is probably almost out of reach for us as well.

But I really think Wolves should think big in this window. We already have a lot of talented players to build tomorrows team on. We need the icing on the cake. And we need it now. And it will cost, Mr Morgan – if you want Wolves to be a team in the middle of the league already this season, as you have said – it will cost you!

But when looking at the players that have been mentioned in rumours from the papers the last two weeks it’s easy to be disappointed. Robert Koren, West Brom; Niall McGinn, Celtic; Craig Gardner, Villa and – today – Kris Commons, Derby. Are any of them better than the players we have? Can any of them make a difference in the team? Only Craig Gardner reaches up to that £3 million mark I said earlier was bad policy. And how many matches in Premier League has he played lately or at all?

So let’s hope that these rumours are wrong and that our recruiting team and scouts have been busy silently catching one or two of those rare big prey that really could make a difference.


~ by paddytheflea on December 30, 2009.

4 Responses to “Hello Silly Season!”

  1. Agree with you about the quality of the players being mentioned – just not particularly exciting. Given the likely constraints on the budget Wolves might have to spend, rather than a small handful of players at £2m or so, I’d rather spend a good chunk of any money available on a couple of top loan signings. In other words, players of real quality / class who will really make a difference in the second half of the season.

  2. We need too buy new wing. Playing right backs and other players out of position are no good. And maybe one central midfielder.
    Otherwise we’re okay. If we’re going for a midfielder, he must to strengthen our first team. Edwards and Jones are on their way back.Kilgallon would be a nice addition to the defenders we already have. And i agree with paddy: We really need some star players. Milijas are our only big star.

  3. I agree wholeheartedley dont waste money on players for the sake of it. If we cant get the players we want why not pay the wage with a big loan signing. Also I would take a punt on Nicky Shorey whose been on loan at Forest from Villa and is up for renewal this month, I think he could do a good job at left back

  4. We are desperate for a goal scorer! I would like to see James Beattie come in. Also Chris Eagles, though I doubt Burnley will part with him. Jo Ledley from Cardiff would also be a very good signing. Apart from a striker we need a attacking midfielder.I dont think it is possible for Wolves to splash out excessive cash during the transfer window and it looks like B’Ham will get Gardner. We will just have to wait and see, they may be a suprise in store for us!

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