McCarthy: Chelsea loan Mancienne has played exceptionally well

Mick McCarthy has talked to the Wolves official site about the Chelsea player Michael Mancienne and his recent good spells as holding midfielder for Wolves.

Michael has played in central midfield before and is a really good footballer. He can play full-back, but down the middle is his best position, whether that’s centre-half or a midfield holding role, which he’s played exceptionally well. I knew he was versatile when I brought him in, and he’s quick and he’s comfortable doing a number of jobs.

The reporter asked McCarthy if any permanent deal has been considered for Mancienne.

He’s been unfortunate in that when he was out, Jody Craddock came in and he’s been outstanding. But we’ve not even discussed any permanent deal. We took him on loan so whether we would like it, or he would, or Chelsea, hasn’t even been mentioned – nothing else has been said so it would be wrong of me to talk about it.

McCarthy said that he knew that Mancienne could play well in the middle. I find it odd that he have not tried to play Mancienne in that role before. Mancienne is clearly better in that role than as a centre back and Wolves could have enjoyed a more stable defence if Mancienne would have been played in that role earlier on in the season. Some fans have been screaming about it for a long time.

Will Wolves try to sign Mancienne permanent now?
Well. Not in this window, for sure. We have him on loan till the end of the season and there is no need for that. But maybe in the summer if he develops in the right direction. And for me that is as a midfielder. But I’m not so sure that he will be worth the price tag that Chelsea will put on him. There are a lot of better holding midfielders out there.



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