The Window: Is there anybody…out there?

Is there anybody…out there?

That’s a very important question when the window now have opened. And I really want to find that damned window and scream right out of it that hey:  – ‘I want a striker with five years of experience in the Premier League and twenty goals a season. Are you out there?’

I doubt that I will get an answer on that question, though. Because such a striker is not out in the cold on a freezing January night and if he was I sure don’t have the cash to buy him and I don’t think that Mr Morgan has.

The respectable (?) paper The Independent wrote a couple of days ago that Wolves had £3 millions to spend in the January window. I don’t know from where they got that information. A fortune cookie in London’s China Town perhaps? They sure as hell didn’t get it from Mr Morgan, Mr Moxey or Mr McCarthy.

But if it’s true we can forget everything about strengthening the team to make sure that we play in the Premier League next season. £3 millions is not enough to get one single player that is remarkably better than the players we have.

If loan is not an option of course. And it is. But good players that are available on loan are hard to get. If we can’t get in a player on loan that could act as a security for staying in the Premiership the Wolves should have a plan B that says ‘splash the cash and buy a £10 million player’. It must be worth that, to be sure. to stay in the PL.

But maybe it’s worth it for the fans, but not for an investor of economic reasons?! If we drop out of thePL this season we get – or the club and the owner gets – lots of pounds in compensation. So economically on short sight it can be even more profitable to be a yoyo-team than being team seventeen in the Premier League.

I don’t think that is what Mr Morgan hopes for, though. Not for a minute. But I’m sure it’s in his economical prognosis if Wolves fails. He has the figures on paper, you can be sure of that. And it may very well have an influence on his will to splash the cash in this window.

So maybe The Independent are right about the £3 Millions. But I hope not!


The Independent has opened a fortune cookie from Chinatown and knows how much Mick have to spend in the January Window.


~ by paddytheflea on January 4, 2010.

10 Responses to “The Window: Is there anybody…out there?”

  1. And if that 3 mill has to pay fees and wages then we really have no chance of improving our squad!

  2. It’s not more profitable to get relegated – you get £11m in parachute payments, but around £30m for a poor season in the Premiership. Unless we’ve got loads of heavily strucutred contracts (like wages drop to on ethird of present levels), or we sell lots of players, dropping out of the Premiership would be very expensive.

    • Thank you for that information, Rick.
      That means that an investment of £10 million really could be good business.

      But I don’t think you are right, Rick.
      In the season 2007/8 Derby on 20th place earned £29,1 millions on TV-rights.
      In the same season Fulham on 17th place earned £31,3 millions.
      The thing is that you get this money when you get relegated as well + the parachute money AND money if you Yoyo the club up again.
      I don’t have the figures for it, but I’m sure that it is not a bad deal to be a yoyo club. (But don’t show this to Morgan). 😆

  3. It’s not just a striker. Having watched all the games recently i think we need a CAPTAIN who can motivate vocally and by example. Henry is not a captain. His play is bland because he can only pass sideways and backwards rarely forward. There’s no creative drive and hence seldom is there good ball for the forwards excelpt of course when Milijas turns on his magic.We are also missing a fit Kightley. So in answer to the leading article I would recommend a midfield creator and the appointment of a captain with drive, passion and authority.

    • A midfielder has been on my wish list for a long time, Richard. But I do think that the priority now should be to get a high class striker. My priorities regarding this has shifted, because I thought that SEB or someone else could get goals for Wolves, but only Doyle seem to contribute of the strikers. I think the play shows that the strikers gets chances but they doesn’t seem to get them in the net.

  4. How about taking a chance on Jermaine Beckford at £2-3m – and offer Leeds the sweetener of Ebanks-Blake on loan for the rest of the season. Hopefully we will then stay up, find a new quality striker and get EB fit and back to his confident best.

    • That’s not a bad idea, Chris. If everything clicks at the end.

      • But personally I don’t think that Beckford is better than SEB and we will do just as bad with him as with SEB.

  5. WOLVES are in loan talks with Toulouse ace Fode Mansara


    • Thank you, Karl.
      I’m not so sure.Eight goals in five years and not playing regularly for Toulose?!
      Thank you for the tip, though. Found some good videos as well!

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