Who is Adam Johnson and will Wolves sign him?

Wolves have confirmed that the club is interested in signing Adam Johnson, 22-year-old winger from Middlesbrough. Who is this player and what are the chances for Wolves to sign him? And do we want him to sign?

Middlesbrough has probably more of their own Academy players playing in their first team than any other team in the Premier League or the Championship. Adam Johnson is one of them. Born in Sunderland he was spotted by a ‘Boro scout at a school match. In 2003-4 ‘Boro with Johnson, David Wheater, Andrew Taylor and others won the FA Youth Cup.

Next season Adam Johnson made his senior debut for the club against Sporting Lisbon in the UEFA Cup. But it was not until the season 2005-6 that he did his debut in the Premier League. The season after that he went out on-loan to Leeds and came back to play some good matches in the FA Cup, but he was still not an established first team player in ‘Boro.

The season 2007-8 he went to Watford to gain more match experience and when he came back he was brilliant. His competition in ‘Boro was Downing and it was not easy to get a spot in the starting eleven. Last season he played 32 matches – most of them as a substitute – but when Downing got injured at the end of the season Johnson got to play all matches, but he didn’t score.

This season Adam Johnson has been brilliant so far. He has scored nine times in 22 matches in the Championship. He seem to be pretty clinical as well with only 16 shots on goal.

Can we sign him then? Well, we are not favorites, for sure. Chelsea, Manchester City and Sunderland have all been mentioned in rumours as interested in Johnson. The Sunderland-connection seem to be the strongest. And Johnson is born in Sunderland and the club has probably more resources than Wolves – that is they can splash the cash to get his signature.

How much are we talking about? Numbers between four and seven million has been mentioned. Can Wolves match these sums? Yes, I do believe we can, and I think we can match his wages as well, but there are other things that weighs more and I think the fact that Adam Johnson is born and raised in Sunderland are one of the factors that will decide this. But I hope I am wrong, because I think he would be a very good complement to Jarvis, Kightly and Edwards.



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8 Responses to “Who is Adam Johnson and will Wolves sign him?”

  1. Middlesbrough has probably more of their own Academy players playing in their first team than any other team in the Premier League – er they’re not in the prem at the moment

  2. I’m a Boro fan and Johnson is a class act. He has pace, tricky feet and a great finish. The reason is not a household name? He’s been an understudy to Downing his entire career until this season. He’s out of contract this summer and I think we may just hang on to him in the hope we make the play offs (feels like a long shot at this time though) before letting him go for free. Nonetheless he’d be a cracking addition to any team who like to play football on the ground and utilise the full width of the pitch. Don’t think the big guns will come in for him so you never know who he may go to. My money is on Blunderland signing him though, sorry chaps.

    • Yea. It looks like they will win the race. But can Boro really say no to about £5 millions for Johnson now and let him fo for free in the summer? I doubt it.

      • The information on Johnson being an ‘understudy’ to Downing is very interesting. You have a very good Academy, but the ‘schooling’ doesn’t stop there. After it the players go out to ‘practise’ in other clubs and are understudies at home. And you seem to have that going on for many years. Very patient. Perhaps that explains why Boro gets so many players from their own Academy to play in the senior team. I hope Wolves watches and learns.

  3. Boro are taking a gamble on the retention of Johnson. 5 million is peanuts compared to missing out on promotion (even though it looks thin at this time) It will also buy us some time to convince him to sign a new contract which will largely depend on how we finish this (abysmal) season.

    As for our academy, it was established in it’s current form with David Parnaby at the helm in 1993 and took about 10 years to fully begin to bear fruit. In May 2006 Boro played Fulham in an end of season, nothing to play for Premiership match. The squad contained 16 Englishmen, 15 of which were born within 30 miles of the Riverside. We lost 1-0 but it was still one of my proudest moments as a fan. (Just a pity we back it up with rubbish signings like 20 million on Mido/Alves)

    It’ll never happen but I believe there should be points awarded to teams who field predominantly home grown talent.

    In the meantime all the best for this season, we’ll do our best to usurp the Baggies but it’ll probably be too little too late for us now.

    SOS (Save our Steel)

    • I really admire your home grown policy and your Academy, Richie E. We have had some good lads coming up from our Academy in recent years, but they seem to have a hard time taking the final step. It would be nice to see you slay the Baggies, yes, and you are not that many points behind.

  4. […] What are Wolves chances of landing Beckford and Johnson, then? My opinion is that we will not win the race for any of these players. Newcastle will take Beckford in (as I already have told ya HERE) and Sunderland is the more likely club to appeal to Adam Johnson (as I already have told ya HERE). […]

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