Fodé Mansaré victim of Wolverhampton winter weather

Fodé Mansaré, the Guinean winger I told you about a couple of days ago, have had trouble getting to Wolverhampton – the closest town on earth. 😆

It is of course the weather that has stopped flights to Birmingham Airport. But you could argue that the winger from Toulouse and his agent should fly to London and take a train or a cab (they can afford it) to Wolverhampton.

The agent says to the French news agency ’20 minutes’:

He could not land in England because of snow. But he remains in contact with Wolverhampton. He will go there at the weekend or next week. He is 80 per cent likely to be no longer in Toulouse at the end of the transfer window

Mansaré should have trained with Wolves this week. It is unsure what will happen now. It sounds on the agent as he wil train with the team next week instead. This will probably be one of these never-ending stories. Paddytheflea will follow it.


~ by paddytheflea on January 7, 2010.

One Response to “Fodé Mansaré victim of Wolverhampton winter weather”

  1. Maybe he could try jumping on one of the lorries at Calais that smuggle illegal immigrants over to England.

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