Loan Watch: Mark Little back in Wolverhampton

Mark Little played his last match on tuesday against Shrewsbury for his Chesterfield. But they lost on their (freezing) home ground with one goal to nothing.

Now the 93 days emergency loan-out is over and the 21-year-old right back should be back in training in Wolverhampton again. There is a high probability that Mark will be loaned out again very soon. Or maybe even sold.


~ by paddytheflea on January 7, 2010.

4 Responses to “Loan Watch: Mark Little back in Wolverhampton”

  1. Another of our foggoten youth maybe one day they will be back to prove use wrong

    • Yes. Remember it took years for Adam Johnson to establish himself in Boro (previous article). This is the first season he is a regular in the starting eleven. The club has to be very patient in taking care over their development. But at one stage they also have to understand that the player does not have a future in the club and let them seek their future elsewhere.

  2. Looks like we’re going miss out on Mokoena. What do you think, shall we change formation to 5-3-2 to guarantee him a place in the first team?
    It could work. Play two central midfielders and one wing, and one of the right og left backs attacking. :=)))

    • I never thought that we were seriously interested in Mokoena and I definitively don’t think that Mick Mccarthy would change his way of play and formation for one new player. Mokoena was very good some years ago in Blackburn, though.

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