Vokes: It was great for me at Leeds. I feel much fitter and stronger

Wolves young striker Sam Vokes is back from his loan-out at Leeds and believes that he has gained from the experience and says to the Express & Star:

I wanted to come back a better player and I feel I’ve done that so I can hopefully battle for a place here. Hopefully I can be involved and get games in the Premier League. You can’t beat playing at the top level and, if I can do that, then hopefully I can get a few goals as well.

I feel much fitter and stronger which was one of the things I was looking to do when I went out on loan. When you feel as good as that, it can only add something to your game and I feel more confident in my play because it’s improved me a lot. It was great for me at Leeds – I got 10 games under my belt which was the main objective. I’d have liked more goals but it was just one of those things and I’m just delighted to come back and get on the pitch at Tranmere.

Vokes played for ten minutes at the end of Wolves clash with Tranmere in the FA-Cup. It’s hard to assess a player after such a short time of play, but he was blocked from a very good chance, so he still looks to have the ability to place himself in the right spot.

Many fans of Leeds who has written to Paddytheflea earlier are convinced that Vokes does not have what it takes to become a Premier League striker. However, many fans often are short-sighted and judge players on their last performance only. But only one goal in ten performances at Leeds does not give me any hints about future greatness. And goal and results is what Wolves are interested in now, not fancy play without the end product.

I hope Vokes is right and he really is stronger and better than ever. That means that he could be a competitor to Iwelumo and The Hoff in the role as target man. But I doubt it and I wouldn’t be too surprised to see him go out on loan soon again.



~ by paddytheflea on January 7, 2010.

5 Responses to “Vokes: It was great for me at Leeds. I feel much fitter and stronger”

  1. I think Sam Vokes will become a very good player and I dont think he is any worse than Iwelumo or The Hoff. I would be happy for him to be on the bench instead of the forementioned. However I believe, like yourself, that another loan move would be most likely.

  2. The kid is still only 19 and has a long way to go. He does lack pace for a top striker but could be a great foil for a smaller strike partner.

  3. Vokes takes part in the following:


    From the “come on sam” in the background, and the subsequent mucking about, he seemed to get on with the Leeds lads pretty well.

  4. Vokesey will be a big star in the future, I am sure of it. He is already better than The Hof and Iwelumo! He is a much better footballer and always seemed to score when he had a chance last season!!

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