Wolves in race for Leeds striker Beckford

Wolves are following Newcastle – as is Sunderland – by employing an interest in the Leeds United striker Jermaine Beckford.

With 27 goals last season in League One and 16 this season so far he might add some needed firepower to the Wolves front line. For doubters who say that’s League One is a hell of a difference to the Premier – just watch how and what Beckford did against Manchester United lately

Do we believe in this rumour? Why not? Our people has probably been watching Vokes during the season and they couldn’t help themselves watching Beckford as well. Rumours connecting Wolves and Beckford has been about earlier this season and last season as well.

Do we think that he will go to Wolves? No. I think he would choose Newcastle over Wolves and Sunderland. There he can do the move from Championship to the Premier in style and earn it himself.



~ by paddytheflea on January 10, 2010.

9 Responses to “Wolves in race for Leeds striker Beckford”

  1. Wolverhampton is closer to his home than Newcastle!!

  2. Leeds fan here. Don’t mind the Wolves bidding on Beckford, but don’t try and offload Vokes on us, that’s just adding insult to injury.

    • Maybe you can get the tallest man in British football, Stefan ‘The Hoff’ Maierhofer instead?! But be aware. He can’t jump. 😆

  3. You can take the donkey, the only thing he has in his bag is pace over 5 yards. as far as the goal at scumchester if he had a first touch it would not have been a goal, as he would have been to central, over the 20 yard dash brown caught him up. PLEASE TAKE HIM SO WE CAN GET A GOOD PLAYER. The reason he has scored the goals is cause we produce twenty or so chances per game for him to score, will he get that higher up i think not.

  4. I disagree! Maierhofer is strong and have the ability to hold up the ball and pass it to other players on the run from midfield or to a fellow striker.

    • Theoretically, yes. But in theory everything works. I don’t think The Hoff will ever be good enough for Wolves or any Premier team. But I would love to be proved wrong.

  5. Completely agree with the Leeds fans that don’t rate Beckford. I’ve watched him a couple of times this year and haven’t been impressed, his goal scored to chances ratio must be worse than Keogh! I think he’ll do well for Leeds next year in the Championship, but i don’t see him playing for them if/when they get back to the Premiership.

    • I think it is almost certain that he will transfer now, Timberwolf. The q is where. I think to Newcastle.

  6. […] win the race for any of these players. Newcastle will take Beckford in (as I already have told ya HERE) and Sunderland is the more likely club to appeal to Adam Johnson (as I already have told ya […]

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