Wolves striker ‘The Hoff’ injured

Stefan Maierhofer – Wolves mega-tall Austrian striker – is injured and has had an operation in Germany. 

According to his own website he flew to Munich last Thursday and had the operation the next day, after problems in his groin.

The statement on The Hoff’s website says:

Stefan has a hernia – a protrusion on an organ in the groin which a small operation can resolve. So he flew to Munich on Thursday for a preliminary investigation and on Friday had the operation before flying back to England. Stefan is only expected to miss the Wigan game, after Sunday’s game with West Ham was postponed.

The Express & Star thinks this statement will cause a reaction from manager Mick McCarthy, because he does not allow players to publicly discuss injuries before informing the manager that they will. How E&S knows that The Hoff have not got  the permission I don’t know. But I agree that it is very rare that players gives any information out about themselves or the club if it’s not sanctioned by the club. The free right of speech does not cover football players, it seems.



~ by paddytheflea on January 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “Wolves striker ‘The Hoff’ injured”

  1. perhaps it is the word “striker” you should have put in inverts. dont want to come down on anyone unnecessarily but I cant help but think we’ve bought another Frankowski here…

    That said im hoping atleast half of these exciting names been bandied around come through, I mean Ledley, Gardner, Hunt, Beckford< even O'hara… Ooooo La La C'mon jez get signing!!!!!!

    • if it’s true that he published this without noticing Wolves that he was going to he might very well be ostracized by McCarthy. But I am not at all impressed with what I have seen so far from him so maybe it’s not a big loss.

      Hmm. Rumoured player are always the best. 😆 And they don’t have to produce anything. 😆

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