McCarthy: We have looked to get a couple in

Birmingham Mail today writes about Mick McCarthy’s comments on trial for continental players at Wolves. Here is what Mick McCarthy said to the reporters:

If the opportunity arises we’d like to have a look at a couple of lads from France and Belgium, but the weather has just jepardised all of that. We have looked to try to get a couple in, but we can’t (yet) see them in training.

McCarthy also talked – but did say nothing – about other bids and probable signings.

We’ve got bids in for players, as people know, but we can’t do any business without someone else’s permission. You put bids in and you’re reliant on people accepting them or knocking them back and if that’s the case, we move on to someone else.

We’re very much reliant on other people. But we’re still hopeful of signing someone”.

This is a cat-and-mouse game. Wolves have got bids in but doesn’t seem to get any answers. If it is hostile bids the opposing club can drag out on answering until the club who wants to buy will get tired and look elsewhere or up their bid or wait until someone else comes in and a proper auction can begin. Or Wolves can shout until they get blue in their face without any answer and the player will react and complain in the press.

A football transfer market is not a perfect capitalist market as there is not always one party who wants to buy and one that wants to sell. That makes it much harder and in my opinion this market should be harder regulated and monitored so that the players don’t get stuck in the middle.

Will Wolves get their goods from the market, then? They probably get something. But yu have all been to a market yourselves. You go there with a plan in your mind to buy something and then you end up walking home with something completely different. But as long as you look at the horses teeth it’s alright – as a horse dealer once said to me.



~ by paddytheflea on January 12, 2010.

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