Today’s rumours: Beckford, Hunt, Rodallega and Figueroa

There is really not much that seem to happen when it comes to transfers for Wolves today so far. Two transfer rumours have developed a little.

Wolves is said to have upped their bid for Hunt to £3,5 million and £35.000 a month according to the Irish Independent. They speculate that Hunt wants security more than anything else as he is on the verge of building a family. It is thought that Wolves can offer that security more than Hull. The Times and various other papers mentions that Hull are cash-stripped and needs to sell to get their costs down.

The Beckford rumour is developing as Leeds are getting fed up at Newcastle for acting slow and being stingy. They say they want two million and not the £1.5 Newcastle are willing to pay. Wolves are also said to have offered £1.5 million for Beckford.

Whatabout Hugo Radallega, then? Are Wolves interested in him??? No, of course not. But Birmingham are and it seem like Wigan are preparing to replace their world class striker. And their defender Figueroa looks to be heading out from the club as well. Wolves will meet Wigan in four days. Can these two deals go through it would be nice. 😆

Irrespective it is a bit of a turmoil at Wigan and that suits Wolves very well on Saturday. Paddytheflea will soon start to prepare you all for the meet. I hope and believe that our players are as hungry for action as I am right now!


P.S. Potsmouth probably will have to let go of their on-loan striker Aruna Dindane. Why don’t Wolves take over his contract to the end of the year with an option to buy from Lens?. Easy as that! D.S.

Aruna Dindane – Watch him in African Cup Of Nations McCarthy (and everybody else)


~ by paddytheflea on January 12, 2010.

One Response to “Today’s rumours: Beckford, Hunt, Rodallega and Figueroa”

  1. You have a great future as a Wolves scout, Paddy!! :=)))

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