Leeds and Boro search replacements for Beckford and Johnson

Todays rumours content has two bits of interest for the Wolves supporter.

Middlesbrough are searching for alternatives to their prolific winger Adam Johnson according to Daily Mail. And according to the Sun Leeds are looking for a replacement for their striker Jermaine Beckford.

Why should this be interesting for a Wolves fan? If true it shows activity from the clubs to get in players so they can sell. That means that they have given up to try to keep the players. Perhaps we knew alrdady about Beckford that he was to leave, but Johnson was not sure.

Boro and Gordon Strachan are searching in QPR after winger Wayne Routledge. Leeds Grayson is looking to replace Beckford with Marlon Harewood.

It is not probable that the deals for Beckford and Johnson will be finished soon. They probably drag out for the whole window. That’s becuse the deals for replacements got to be closed first and Boro and Leeds probably wants to hold on to their players as long as possible.

What are Wolves chances of landing Beckford and Johnson, then? My opinion is that we will not win the race for any of these players. Newcastle will take Beckford in (as I already have told ya HERE) and Sunderland is the more likely club to appeal to Adam Johnson (as I already have told ya HERE).

I do have a tip about another winger to McCarthy, though. A winger that is very good and will get better and better. When Vokes was at Leeds another loan player stole his air and the attention. He was from Leicester and had played for Bournemouth together with Vokes.

His name is Max Gradel and his loan period with Leeds ends on Sunday. After that many thinks that he will be given an offer from Leeds that he and Leicester will not be able to refuse. Give him a better offer, McCarthy! Max Gradel is much better than the French you have digged up lately. And he probably will be better than Adam Johnson given a little time.



~ by paddytheflea on January 13, 2010.

5 Responses to “Leeds and Boro search replacements for Beckford and Johnson”

  1. There’s only one problem with Gradel – Leicester knew it and so do Leeds; he’s brilliant coming off the bench and running at defenses that have been beaten up on for an hour, but much, much less effective as a starter. Great for Leeds since we have very strong starting wingers in Johnson and Snodgrass, but I wonder if he’s really what Wolves need right now.

    • I think that’s a sign of youth and not of ‘type’ of footballer. Vokes has been the same at our place, for instance. And probably at Leeds as well. He scored several times for us last year coming in last ten or fifteen. And we could use a winger coming in late as well.

  2. Interesting point you make about Vokes. Leeds only used him ad a starter, filling in for the injured Becchio. He started 3 games looking lie a world beater but his confidence appeared to desert him from then on as goals failed to come – and he missed some absolute sitters btw. I think that was definitely about age and with the right coaching he could still grow into a formidable striker. He’s got great feet and touch for a big strong lad.

  3. Leeds used Gradel as a starter last night in the reserves 6-1 win against Scunthorpe, and by all accounts he was one of the few players not to shine. He also came on as a late sub at the weekend against Wycombe, with no impact. Part of it is maturity (he’s a bit greedy); Eddie Gray has been working with Snodgrass, who has improved by leaps and bounds (he was bought as a striker more than as a winger) and if Gradel can take similar coaching he’ll improve. He’s not the finished article though he can worry defences (I expect that includes a lot of Premiership defenders, having seen Man U the other week) when he runs at them, which he’s more than willing to do. He worries them a lot more when they’ve been tenderised for 70 minutes (which Leeds failed to do to Wycombe, to be fair).

    Vokes is OK – he had a good (but not stellar) scoring record iat Bournemouth, and has done OK for Wales U21 (I suspect Brian Flynn passed his name to Leeds). He looks like he might be better advised to switch to midfield though. His scoring record at Leeds was similar to that at Wolves – 1 in 8 appearances (exactly that at Leeds, 6 in 40 at Wolves). At Bournemouth it was 16 in 54 = slightly less than 1 in 3.

  4. Yes, but bare in mind that for Wolves Vokes has not played many matches from start. Usually the last 15 or the last half. I remember counting out that he was our best goalscorer per minute, but that was somewhere in the middle of the season.

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