Morgan in interview: It’s not like going into Tescos and picking a can of beans

Chairman Steve Morgan believes that Wolves will succeed in bringing in a couple of players through the transfer window and he is pleased with the play but not the points so far, he mentions to Wolves Official Website.

It’s not like going into Tescos and picking a can of beans off the shelf. It’s always a difficult time with all the negotiations involved. We’re not looking for a massive influx but have got a couple of players we would like to bring in and bids are on the table.

It’s so far so good, and we’ve adapted to the Premier League really well. We’ve had some unlucky breaks in a few games and with a bit of luck we could have been a few points better off and been more comfortable. But I’ve every confidence that we’ll have a good second half to the season.

As already known Mr Morgan did not agree with Mick McCarthy to let ten people rest against Manchester United in the Premier League. Morgan explains.

The media has made far too much of it and it’s been overplayed. Did I agree with Mick? No I didn’t. But Mick is there to manage the team. He picked the team as he saw fit and it’s not as if we put a youth team out. It was full of players who had played already this season, there were seven full internationals in the squad and we also had our Player of the Season from last year.

I think there are some very sensible people at the Premier League and think given that other teams regularly make changes then it would be very unfair if they were to take any action against us. In terms of Mick we move on, it’s as simple as that. In relationships it is impossible to agree all the time, indeed I had a disagreement with my wife before I left the house this morning! It’s just one of those things.

We have 28,000 fans who come here every week with different opinions. Everyone’s a football manager, I’m a football manager, we all are. And I could have scored most of the goals we have missed this season – at least in my head! That’s why we all love the game, we’ve all got opinions, and there is certainly no problem between myself and Mick.

As the recurring reader know I didn’t agree with Mick McCarthy either when it came to pick the team against Manchester United. I still don’t. But I think he makes most of the things right as a manager. So my opinions seem to be the same as Mr Morgan concerning this.

I’m glad that “The Three M’s” still seem to work well together. That’s a  prerequisite to manage and develop a good football team. Let us hope that mr Morgan has allocated enough funds to mr Moxey so that he can be able to get the players that mr McCarthy wants in the team. Simple as that!



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