Kevin Doyle: We need to strengthen the squad and Hunt would do that

Wolves best goalscorer – striker Kevin Doyle – is a friend, countryman and former club mate of Hull City winger Stephen Hunt. The E&S has asked him about his friend and if he could bring something to the Wolves squad when/if he joins Wolverhampton Wanderers.

We need to strengthen the squad and he would do that. He’d bring what we already have and add to it – we all work very hard here and he does that too. Whether or not Stephen is playing well, he’ll always put in 100 per cent, and he has the qualities to go with that.

The Wolves defender Richard Stearman played against Hunt last season when Hunt played in Reading.

Stephen is an excellent player and if that signing is a possibility, then great. He’d certainly add to the really good wingers we’ve already got and, fingers crossed, something might happen. We’ve got a lot of Irish boys in the squad here already and we’ve spoken about him a lot. He played well when he came here with Hull at the start of the season.

It seems like the players look forward to welcome Stephen Hunt into the team and they have not given up on signing him. A Hull City with £65 million in debts and a heavy burden of player wages must do something to cut their costs before the end of the January window closes. They may very well have to sell their best assetts even if they don’t want to.


Doyle & Hunt – The story keeps spinning on!


~ by paddytheflea on January 15, 2010.

4 Responses to “Kevin Doyle: We need to strengthen the squad and Hunt would do that”

  1. Hull City do not have £65 million of debts, they have debts of £9 million. Please get your facts right before posting. Oh and for your information Hunt is staying at City so deal with it.

    • According to Daily Mail and an iterview with Wolves Chairman Steve Morgan Hull City has £65m in debt. If you go around thinking it’s only nine you would not know what did hit you when you go down, mate. Tell your club to mind their business! And to do it like Wolves are doing, Then you will live long and prosper in the Premier League. But for you it is probably to late already. A pity. Nice colors. Byebye! 😆

  2. There are many ways of measuring a companies debt, Alec. Pearson says £9 million in the interview, but that may very well only be a loan that’s coming up to payment, not all loans the club has. When a club goes out saying publicly that they have to get rid of players because of economical trouble it is very problematic, I’m sure.

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