Head-To-Head Stats: Doyle (Wolves) Rodallega (Wigan)

We have already compared two central defenders (HERE) and two midfielders (HERE) and it is time to take on two strikers.

I use this statistical method because I believe it can reveal something about the strengths and weaknesses of the players and of their teams. And we will perhaps learn something new that we didn’t know before and can dig a little deeper and perhaps be a little more objective than the common pundit. Let’s first go to the presentation of the strikers.

Kevin Doyle, 26, from Wexford, Ireland. He started as a professional for S:t Patrick, but soon moved on to Cork City where he started out as a right winger but soon moved on to play as a striker. He scored 25 goals for Cork in two seasons and Reading became interested in the young striker. He was signed for them when they played in the Championships in 2005 for £78.000. Everybody thought that he would only be a back-up to Kitson, but when Kitson became injured Doyle took his chances and scored some vital goals to help Reading move up to the Premier League.He was also named the Reading Player Of The Year.

In the Premier League Doyle became a threat in the air for other teams. He was the best striker when it came to headers that first year, He scored 13 goals in total. The next year he didn’t do that well. He only scored six and Reading was relegated. He stayed in Reading trying to get them to bounce back. He scored 18 goals last season, but Reading lost in the play-offs to the Premier League to Burnley.

Kevin Doyle came to Wolves from Reading this summer in a record deal for the club of £6,5 million. He is an Irish international who plays together with Robbie Keane (a former Wolves player) as striker for the Republic of Ireland. He was injured in the beginning of the current season and has played 16 matches so far for Wolves.

Hugo Rodallega, 24, from Colombia. He was brought up as a football player at Boca Juniors de Cali and then moved to play his first senior year as a footballer in Deportes Quindio where he played 32 matches in the season 2004-5 and scored 31 goals.

He was then signed by Deportivo Cali and the next season he was signed by the Mexican club Monterray. He did not do well there and as loaned out and the next season sold to Necaxa.

There he started to score goals again – nine in ten games – and Wigan got their eyes on the young striker and signed him in the January window last season. He scored three goals in fifteen matches last season. He did not start to score for the club until May. Hugo Rodallega is a Colombian International and has played 22 times for his home country and scored nine goals. He has played 19 matches for Wigan in the league so far this season.

Let’s now move on to the statistics and compare the strikers results so far this season.

Season 2009-10 Doyle Rodallega
Fouls won and / conceded / % won 32 /21 / 60% 19 /31 /38%
Tackles won and / lost / % won 21/5 /81% 10/1 /91%
Accurate passes % / Attacks created 67% / 11 71% / 29
Goals / Assists / Shots on goal 5/ 1 / 14 7 / 2 / 34

Paddytheflea will now try to put some interpretation to these figures and find a reasonable analysis to the differences between the two strikers statistics

Fouls: Doyle wins a lot more fouls than Rodallega. Both in percentages and in numbers. And Rodallega gives many foules away.

Tackles: Kevin Doyle wins a lot of tackles. And he gets into a lot more tackle situations than Rodallega. But Rodallega manages to win ten of eleven or 91 percent of them. An interesting fact is that he tackled only twice in his fifteen matches last season. Doyle is not so far from him with 81% won. And in the last six games Doyle has won five and lost none. That shows that Doyle now is finding his way through the defences without the need to tackle so much, but when he does he wins, like Rodallega seem to do.

Passes and Attacks: Keeping the ball in the team is very closely connected to the final outcome of the game. And the big teams are very good at passing the ball so that it comes to a team mate. That is what Martinez teaches his players. But Rodallega does not seem to have learned this to the full yet. And Doyle does not excel in this area either.

In creating attacks Rodallega is very good. Doyle does not measures up to Radallegas 29 at all with his eleven. Doyle has created two attacks in the last two league matches. That is not enough!

Goals, Assists and Shots on goal: This is of course the most important of the categories for strikers. This is their main job. Roadallega had a dry-spell when he came to Wigan, but they were patient with him and in the end of the season he started to score. With seven in 19 matches he is of course Wigans top scorer and two assists puts him one better than Doyle at this and two better than Doyle in scoring. But he has played three more matches then Doyle so we will expect at least two goals and one assist of Doyle in the upcoming two matches, thank you!

Rodallegas amount of shots and shots on goal is very interesting with 55 shots and 34 of them on goal he is a very frequent shooter. Doyle and Wolves are not. I think Doyle and Wolves shoots far to little. Our strikers and midfielders should shoot much more.

If we look at the amount of goals to the shots on goal Doyle gets an ‘efficiency percentage’ of 36% and Rodallega gets 21%. When we look at the ‘precision percentage’ shots vs shots on goal Doyle has 55% and Rodallega 62%. That says that they are about the same. Doyle should shoot more and he will get more goals.

Conclusions: Kevin Doyle is an Irish International of high class and is here compared to a Colombian International.

Rodallega gives away a lot of fouls and does not at all win as many to his team as Doyle does. But he is an excellent tackler when he uses that. Doyle is a good tackler as well, but not as good as Radallega. But in the last five matches Doyle has ben mr 100 percent when it comes to tackling.

Both Doyle and Rodallega has much to learn when it comes to passing the ball. But don’t forget that they both play in teams who has a harder time than, for instance, the players of Arsenal and Chelsea who usually have a better frequency of correct passes.

Rodallega is much better than Doyle at creating attacks. That says to me that his style of play is slightly different to the style of Doyle. Maybe he is more the style of Andy Keogh, working the ‘channels’ and more of a ‘creator’.

Also when it comes to getting results in form of goals, assists and shots on goal Rodallega is better than Doyle. Not much when it comes to goals and assists, but he shoots much more at goal and on goal. We have to create a play where we are able to laúnch more shots on goal and Doyle is one of the players who’s got to create those opportunities.

Rodallega costed Wigan the same amount to sign as Doyle costed Wolves. So far it seems that Wigan are getting slightly more for their money, Sort that out, Doyle! Starting today!




~ by paddytheflea on January 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “Head-To-Head Stats: Doyle (Wolves) Rodallega (Wigan)”

  1. Interesting analysis, and only slightly rose tinted glsses !
    Just one point to correct Hugo cost £4.5m not £6.5 therefore Wigan are getting “significantly” rather than “slightly” more for their money

    • Aha! I remembered wrong. Maybe we should turn to South America. We could offer them Ebanks-Blake and a couple of millions and would probably get a good goalscorer! 😆

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