Wolves bids a record £6.5m for Boro’s Adam Johnson

The Daily Mail and the Times both writes tonight that Wolves have made a massive bid of £6.5 million on Boro winger Adam Johnson.

Paddytheflea has written lengthy about Johnson as a player and Wolves interest in him before (HERE) and my conclusion then was that Sunderland may very well be his final address.

But Daily Mail and Times now seem to believe that Chelsea can win the race in the end to sign the talented Boro raised winger. They think that Wolves bid will make this the most expensive signing in the window and that this will trigger a bidding war with Sunderland coming in and then Chelsea and maybe “The Old Firm” clubs – Celtic and Rangers – as well.

But it could also end in Adam Johnson refusing to go to anybody and wait to become a Bosman-case in the summer.



~ by paddytheflea on January 16, 2010.

7 Responses to “Wolves bids a record £6.5m for Boro’s Adam Johnson”

  1. If Wolves HAVE bid £6.5M for Johnson then finally it will show that they do have ambition to buy quality players and this boy is certainly quality!
    It is ok looking around for bargains particularly if you are an established PL club but Wolves are not and they need players who can make an impression immediately and not in 2 or so years time, we have enough of those already, so Johnson would be an excellent purchase.
    After yesterdays defeat, Wolves need all the quality players they can get otherwise it could be yet another season in the dreaded Championship and haven’t we had enough of being in that league?

  2. Fact wolves have bid 6.5 million for him but moxey and morgan both know there is absolutely no chance of signing him as we wouldnt pay his wages. So there is no ambition there at all, looks good in the press but the reality is you can spend as much as you want on transfer fees but if your not willing to pay the wages aswell your not going to get the quality in. Same old wolves, and people wonder why mick has brought who he has, simple low wages doyle is top earner on 22k

    • So why do they bid on him then???
      I think you’ve got this thing wrong, Simmo. Moxey has gone out and said that Wolves don’t have a roof for wages on an individual basis. They have a budget for wages, sure. But an individual could earn much more than 22k. But I don’t see Johnson coming in either, but that’s because of his home town Sunderland are interested in him and he in them, not because of money.

  3. it is obvious after saturday’s result that we need a complete overall of the team- alas it is not going to happen!
    The defense is????????enough said about them, the midfield with Henry in it is crap, captain-he couldn’t captain a snowball fight and has for the strikers! what strikers? ok Doyle is a good player-BUT- he doesn’t score enough goals, SEB is out of his depth, it kills me to say this – but we are simply not good enough, we were relegated when we lost to Portsmouth, look at the matches coming up in the next 2 months and tell me were we are going to get points from, that leaves us with 6 matches and even if we won all of them (1 is Arsenal away) we still won’t have enough, I hope a prey to God I am wrong, but losing to a dire side like wigan was the last straw.

    We are WOLVES………..

  4. Well since Moxey is shouting off in the programme notes which unusually have also been published on the official web site that Wolves have made a record breaking bid then I agree this is more of a PR stunt than a genuine attempt to sign the player. Remember Moxey and Wolves “policy” is that details of actual deals remain secret so this has all the hallmarks of Moxey spin shortly before the Early Bird offer

    With several premiership clubs in the hunt for him, why would he choose struggling Wolves over other more attractive clubs?

    • It could be that Johnson wants to play football in a first team on a regular basis. If he goes to for example Arsenal he would not get that in a couple of years. Nah, I don’t think it’s a Moxey spin.

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